Chronic Pain Suicide: as seen on the web 09/11/2019

My close friends brother-in-law committed suicide last Sunday, he wasn’t found until tuesday. He suffered chronic pain, would run out of his meds early and use alcohol in between time. He isolated himself.

This last refill, he took them all and left a 3 page letter. His name is Mark Apple. He leaves behind 2 brothers (one is a twin) and his mother. He was unmarried and had no children.

This is so sad. I hate this so much. There is just no reason this should happen, that people lose hope simply because they can’t get relief.

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  1. Weird his own twin brother didnt post anything about this. Is this for real.?

  2. RIP MARK. It’s beyond wrong that you were forced to take this step!!

  3. Awful.
    As well as lazy, irresponsible policies

  4. The Government is responsible for this, the CDC for falsifying their
    Records, the Gov. for not stopping these drugs from getting into the US, not picking up the drug dealers, and blaming this whole opioid
    Crisis on Chronic Pain Patients and their prescriptions.

    The CDC finally corrected their report, but the notice was so small
    That no one cared or noticed, it was too late. CPP are not the addicts,
    Nor are they responsible for this crisis, but the government. Is killing
    Them one at a time.

    Stop treating the real addicts like victims, they should have told their
    Doctors there was a problem with their meds. Start treating Chronic
    Pain Patients, who have never had any problems with their medication,
    Like the Real Victims of this Opioid Crisis, which they are.

  5. Its time for the poor families of these pain patients ending their lifes because they cant get medicine WE deserve! They should sue every organization that has blood on their hands causing this mans death!
    SOMEONE should be held accountable for this!!

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