DEA proposes lowering opioid production quotas by 30% , expanding marijuana research

DEA proposes lowering opioid production quotas, expanding marijuana research

The Drug Enforcement Administration on Thursday proposed reducing the manufacturing quotas for the five most frequently abused opioids by an average of 30 percent in 2020.

Simultaneously, the DEA announced it would triple the amount of marijuana grown for research.

The moves signal the Trump administration is cracking down on opioid abuse while softening its hard-line stance on marijuana as a number of states continue to legalize its use.

DEA takes seriously its obligations to both protect the public from illicit drug trafficking and ensure adequate supplies to meet the legitimate needs of patients and researchers for these substances,” DEA acting Administrator Uttam Dhillon said in a statement.

The anti-drug agency said will reduce fentanyl production by 31 percent, hydrocodone by 19 percent, hydromorphone by 25 percent, oxycodone by nine percent and oxymorphone by 55 percent.

Combined with a reduction in morphine, the proposed quota would decrease opioid production by an average of 53 percent since 2016.

The DEA is requesting more than 3.2 million grams of marijuana to be grown legally in 2020, up nearly a third from the 2.4 million grown this year. The increased haul will be used for scientific research.

Both proposals are part of the DEA’s annual quota for manufacturing controlled substances to meet the nation’s medical, scientific, research and industrial needs.

800,000 GMS increase in MJ for RESEARCH… that is abt 1750 lbs.. or about 5 lbs/day.

Cut the availability of opiates for legal therapy, and increase MJ for RESEARCH… meaning that it could take 10-15 yrs before that research could get a meaningful MJ product for treating various health issues… NO GUARANTEES that anything will prove to be useful for treating any health issue.

So the DEA is determining the level of therapy that both acute and chronic pain pts require… without examining the FIRST PATIENT ?

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  1. Uh I think they just want anyone with pain or a chronic disease dead. They probably think they cost too much to keep alive. They’ve proven that life doesn’t matter to them. Pro life my ass! Both sides of the isle SUCK – the Same!! Meanwhile,.they continue to allow black market drugs on the streets. We hardly ever hear of anything to stop that. Agenda 21- Depopulate.

  2. I can’t even comment legitimately as my mind is literally spinning from this read…wow..l do know l feel really ANGRY though..grrrr!!

  3. I’m afraid that without enough opioids to treat all types of instances of pain, acute, chronic, from Hurricane catastrophes, Wars, auto accidents, surgeries, and hundreds of other reasons, I’m just afraid this mentality and situation will result in a lot of deaths, …..on both sides.

  4. I understand that the nation of Israel has decades of advanced technical medical research into cannabis. They have been ahead for years in a number of pharmaceutical advances.

    Why don’t we just get together with their scientist and advance our knowledge level by decades in a few short months.

    The advantage is also that us taxpayers would he be able to save millions of dollars and bring usable products to the market immediately?

    Repeat why not look at doing this?

  5. When you get your medical degree than I will think about letting you
    Make decisions on what medication I take. Till than, back off.

  6. ONLY legitimate pain sufferers are affected. Healthy opiate stealers or street product users are unaffected, that is why overdoses remain high. Opiate crisis is dominantly a street multi-illicit-drug issue.

  7. When did this agency become “Director of medicines?” I thought their purpose was to intervene on ILLEGAL drugs like the ones coming through our border like HEROIN an FENTANYL!! Or ILLEGAL guns coming through our border or ILLEGAL production of ALCOHOL. Now they have a say in what n how much medication is needed? This is another AGENCY interfering with other agency who watches this agency …. You get my point? There are to many GOVERNMENT AGENCIES interfering in fields they have NO EXPERIENCE IN that Im aware of. GOVERNMENT wants to run your life!!

    • Yeah. 911 was the beginning of way too much gov. and they are making a mess of just about everything as they use the positions for money making and not directing the will of the people.

    • Ya, you are right Dennis. GOVERNMENT wants to run our lives, but most likely GOVERNMENT wants TO END IT!!! GENOCIDE American Style.

  8. There are millions with lung and/or stomach issues who cannot smoke vape, or ingest marijuana. It is needed in conjunction with opioids for tens of thousands to minimally control their pain, it’s not cheap especially factoring in yearly dr and licensing costs and none of this is covered by insurance. Still lawsuits will continue, pharmaceutical companies will go out of business and manufacturers remaining will be forced to cut back quotas. In the end, the innocent patients who live in life altering pain, many severe enough to end their own lives, will be the biggest losers of the FDA, CDC and DEA propaganda, corruption and deceit!

    Doesn’t the FDA have any say in the opioid production? I HATE THESE MORONS.

  10. They are once again practicing medicine ILLEGALLY. A doctor can’t treat without seeing the patient!!

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