Calling all CPP group leaders and CPP advocates

Calling all CPP group leaders and CPP advocates:
We are developing a questionnaire to send out to House, Senate, and Presidential Candidates to find out their positions on areas of our concern. By doing so, we also tell them those areas of concern, and hopefully get them to be vocal about them on the campaign trail. It’s time that the topic of the war on doctors and patients no longer be ignored by the political parties and their candidates.

This is a major undertaking, with hopefully 1000+ replies. We will need to have a data-evaluation service or some manner of organizing and reviewing the replies.

Are you willing to help? If so, reply on the Contact form on
Right now, please give us questions you think are pertinent to be answered by the candidates. Tell us if you are willing to work on a panel to construct the questionnaire. If you know of anything like this that has been done before, please share. And last, but definitely not least, tell us if you have access to a data-evaluation program, or could get your hands on one. This is way over my level of IT capability. But computer data-crunching would be so much more time-effective than the old-fashioned way.
This is something that we can all do together with the greatest impact to make a difference in the War Against Doctors and Patients. I hope that all leaders get involved in one way or another. Please re-post to your own group as well, to spread the word. Share by email to all advocacy groups.

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  1. Perhaps an explanation of how facts work, or how industry funding is leading to more deaths. These self described activists need to start looking at the “research” that is being used to justify torture and genocide. When thousands of Americans choose to take their own lives rather than, live in despair, agony and poverty, there might be a problem.

    The social media activism, and passing platitudes around the internet is not working.

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