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  1. Agree 100% Kathy C!

    Bullchite. In other words, if a medical device tells you temperature, bp, respiratory rate, etc you know how to do your job because it’s easy. But if a patient is in chronic pain, you don’t know how to do your job cause you can’t see that pain level on an instrument. Then you need to learn how to do your job. Oh and, by the way, different people have different temperatures, etc., and it doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong. So EVERYTHING needs to be taken as a case by case basis.

    I can’t believe he said the only tool we’ve been using is opioids? For temperatures (I.e. infections?), blood pressure issues, breathing problems, etc? What the…………what??? Any reputable doctor does not throw opioids at these disorders.

  2. Blaming it all on pain treatment, is another distraction. We should be blaming regulation, and unlimited health marketing. The failure to look at the socio economic problems and a broken healthcare system, while blaming people with pain is how we got here. D.O.s are ,
    making a really good living taking up the slack in healthcare. Of course they do a credit, and background check on every patient they see. There is little evidence that they can correctly diagnose any condition before it leads to chronic pain, but insurance pays anyway. There are no ethical constraints on this kind of marketing and promotion either.

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