PRESS RELEASE: Announces its official website launch in observance of Pain Awareness Month


For Immediate Release:

September 2, 2019 Announces its official website launch in observance of Pain Awareness Month.

At long last, we are extremely excited to announce the official launch of our “community”website which has been in development since April of 2018.

Patients, physicians, and professional advocates have made their presence known throughout the country since the release of the CDC’S controversial opioid prescribing guidelines.

Hundreds of pain groups who exist on social media & the web have focused on different strategies to garner attention from policy makers and media, and have made significant progress in fighting for our collective cause. However, we need to expand our numbers and reach the patients/advocates who are not tech savvy or do not have access to social media. 

Our website was created BY pain patients FOR pain patients and will serve as an invaluable tool to UNITE each and every group by providing a free page on the website for everyone who wishes to participate & use this resource to amplify their unique missions.

We hope that this website will help streamline the process of sharing information and actionable steps, and save enormous amounts of time by eliminating the repetitive posting of the same redundant information being dissected in different ways.

We’re all fighting for the same goal at the end of the day, so this solution will allow everyone to retain administrative control, yet it gives our community a singular platform to stand as ONE united front for media and lawmakers to see just how many of us are being affected by their misguided policies. This should encourage them to work with us to enact public policies that balance attempts to reduce addiction while protecting patients who depend on individual treatment plans that include pain medication to maintain their function and quality of life.

We’re hopeful that this community effort will help to dispel the STIGMA attached to the responsible use of prescription pain medications for legitimate medical purposes, and quickly reverse the government’s overarching approach which is interfering with individualized treatment, eroding the doctor patient relationship,  and hindering their ability to prescribe such medications as they see fit.

Respectfully submitted, 

Andrea Patti

Tamera Stewart

Co Founders, Pain Warriors Unite 


Phone (202) 792-5600


Twitter: @PainWarriorTeam


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