Are you ready to go fishing or still just want to “cut bait” ?

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I was involved in a interesting conference call tonight… on the call was a person who has contacts with some of the very large law firms.  According to contacts within these law firms put it simply how law firms think…. when it comes to taking on a class action law suit… first is MONEY and second is JUSTICE.

It has been stated that all that is needed is abt ONE HUNDRED DENIAL OF CARE HORROR STORIES involving a large healthcare/insurance corporation to peak the interest of these major class action law firms.

There ia a handful of chain pharmacies that control >50% of the community pharmacies

There is three Prescription Benefit Managers (PBM) that control abt 80% of all prescriptions filled

There is a handful of insurance companies that control the majority of health insurance business and if – or not – pts get certain therapies paid for.

Who is ready to TAKE A STAND… share your denial of care horror story… about these entities basically practicing medicine without a license.

Those involved with the conference call came away with the idea of collecting those horror stories – confidentially – until we reached or exceeded that magical ONE HUNDRED NUMBER …  Then share these HORROR STORIES with the law firm – while initially redacting the person’s personal information.

OR … do you just wish to continue to call/write  your member of Congress ?  – THAT GOES NO WHERE

Continue to sign petition that GOES NO WHERE

Whine, Bitch, Moan to each other on hundreds or thousands of Face Book pages… or keep sending out tweets expressing your dissatisfaction of some employee of one of these healthcare entities that really could care less if you are being thrown into cold turkey withdrawal every month for a few days.

OR you could continue to “LIKE” a Face Book or Twitter post BUT NEVER SHARE A POST.  A post WILL NEVER GO VIRAL without being SHARED !

You need to decide if you will continue to “cut bait” or ready to GO FISHING ?


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  1. This effort is collecting stories of folks who have had problems with prescriptions at the pharmacy only to detail enough occurrences of that type to interest a lawyer team to submit the suit..

  2. STEVE,
    Well, remember me when you get the 100 patients to step up. I’m at :

  3. Here is the basis for the conference call Steve is referring to. Send us your stories of denial of pain meds by chain pharmacies. There is a place on the post to send us your story, or an email. We need them ASAP to get the ball rolling. Thanks.

  4. STEVE,

    I am ready to share! My doctor told me last June that he could not prescribe my Opioids because his medical liability insurance won’t cover him if he continues to prescribe!




    • There is a handful of fairly well known chronic pain advocates – including myself – that are working on putting the structure/database together.. If no chronic painer is interested in stepping up… or we can’t get at least 100 to step up….then the law firms will not be interested in going forward.

  5. This is the attorney that helped Dr. Sin Hang Lee with the far better Lyme test sue the CDC.

  6. FYI; This is the attorney that helped Dr. Sin Hang Lee sue the CDC for the suppression of the much better Lyme test.
    There is probably someone more qualified than I to call her, although I don;t know how I will be able to stop myself.

    Also from the article here;

    “Although the federal government is protected under its sovereign immunity clause, there are cases that are allowed to move forward, such as those involving breach of contract. Lee’s attorney, Mary Alice Moore Leonhardt, contends this is one of those instances.”

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