Calling all civil rights and personal injury attorneys

This office practice seems to be making a public statement that they are going to segregate the care that all pts with chronic health issues are dealing with.. EXCEPT those who are dealing with chronic pain.

So are the prescribers in this practice … when dealing with a pt that has a health issue where chronic pain is part of the disease… think Lupus, MS, RA and other serious.. even life threatening diseases and these health issues are NOT CURABLE… at best .. they can only be managed and part of that management should be the pain associated with those health issues. Whеn a person hаѕ experienced аn injury duе tо thе negligence оf аnоthеr party іt іѕ a vеrу good decision tо speak wіth a lawyer whо specializes іn personal injury. Personal injury lawyers аrе available tо assist thеіr clients whо hаvе bееn injured аѕ a result оf carelessness оf аnоthеr person оr business. For professional and experience attorney visit to Brasure law firm. Edinburg personal injury lawyer is best for your case.

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Whoever came up with this policy did not consult any attorney  – or consulted an attorney that has little/no knowledge about the Americans with Disability Act or the attorney advised the practice that no pt would file a complaint or file a lawsuit… as if the pts are NOT THAT SMART ?

I hope that the pts that patronize this practice that the practice is fairly large or owned by a large hospital corporation… because both of those entities are likely to have DEEP POCKETS .. and that is what attorneys look for… DEEP FINANCIAL POCKETS.

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  1. A Dr. Just Did that to me. Tried to put me in a pine box after 14 yrs. & progression. I lived through the Detox. Because I weaned Down & Off. It was Terrible. It taxed my Heart& the pain still does. No Human Should have the power or licsence to kill a 60 yr. Old woman. Yes I want to Sue. The next patient might not live through the ravaging of that experience.

  2. Many GP’s aren’t putting up notices, just refusing to treat forcing patient’s into expensive Pain Management, who then force spinal surgery and nerve ablation rather than safe and effective medication on patients.

  3. A sign with this statement — or at least a very close paraphrase –is in almost every GP and Family Medicine office I go into in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas. They must be getting this statement from somewhere. It would great if it turned out to be illegal because something about it nagged at me. Thanks for clarifying and formalizing those underlying feelings I had of something being ethically off center!

  4. Steve,
    This situation is somewhat the same that is happening to me. My Pain Clinic is cutting my meds 80% from a dosage they deemed stable. This is not for any medical reason. The doctor told me he was forced to do this by the clinic to keep his job, and that the clinic is being to do this if they want to stay in business. The entity forcing the clinic into doing this was not mentioned/revealed to me. I am a 74 year old palliative care (PC) patient with a progressive inherited nerve disease who has been on opioid medication since about 2005 or 2006. My PC doctor called my pain doctor to ask about stopping my forced medication reduction but got nowhere. My pain doctor told my PC doctor that being a PC patient did not exclude me from the forced medication reduction. I have written my 3 congressional reps, but only one answered with a generic form letter that said (in essence), “the doctor know best”. Since my last clinic visit, I have messaged my pain doctor 3 times asking questions and pointing out the dangers of a forced med reduction. I pointed out the statements against it by the International Human Rights Commission, the AMA, the FDA, the CDC, and even that recent Tweet made by our esteemed Surgeon General. Although the clinic promises to respond to all messages within 2 business days, my pain doctor has not answered any of my messages. I submitted a pain log to him in March-2019 for my clinic medical records showing that I could not tolerate a forced med reduction, but the log never went into my records. My pain doctor stated/recorded in March of 2019 that my medications are “medically necessary” and that the “patients functional status greatly decreased with the reduction in medication (done in January-2019). But, the forced medication reduction continues. I believe at this point that I have no choice but to try to find a lawyer to handle my case. I dislike doing that as it will probably wreck any patient-doctor relationship I have established. But, while I appreciate the situation with the pain doctor/clinic about being forced to do this (if it is true), I believe that, as a intractable chronic pain patient, I should not have to give up my health, my functional status, and what little quality of life I have and sacrifice myself to this forced medication reduction for the sake of the clinic. The pain clinic that is doing this to me is the “AA Spine and Pain Clinic” in Anchorage, Alaska. Doctor Boomgaard is my pain doctor there. I appreciate your time in reading this long comment of mine. Thank you.
    Wayne Wilson

    • I am definitely not speaking from experience., …but…
      If you do have federal disability status getting a lawyer is easier, in principal, from what I have heard several times from the docs and advocates fighting for us. Could anything about this case really get worse? %-80??? Now retaliation by the doc adds yet more fire to his bottom and your case. Let him retaliate. Drop your care? Another charge. Take away other medicine or fail to replace the reduction with similar pain control? Another charge. Play with refills? Mess with appointments? Another charge. He already has under-treatment and destabilizing a sick person (what I think should be called ‘bodily assault’). He will cry ‘Uncle’ very quickly if the lawyer is good after a few well written letters or phone calls – that’s the plan anyway. Could things be any worse? Let him retaliate. I called them torturing dogs when they did stuff like this, they didn’t kick me out and got rather more serious although were still too terrified to restore my opiate. So sorry. I have been cut-off almost two years, but have zero money to entice lawyers.

      • F1, you should have been able to file your own lawsuit against your doctor when they cut your opioid medication off. I believe it takes a small filing fee – and somebody that writes as well as you do in the comment section, should be articulate enough to present your own case. Ask for a jury trial and during jury selection make sure that you get a jury of your peers.

        Why don’t you go ahead and do it. Keep us posted and we will help you along the way. I believe we could start a trend here that will gain attention to the benefit of all of us, including Wayne.

        • I broke my pain contract when the fent patches fell off I complained for a year then took one tiny piece of suboxone for a couple hours of relief from the up and down pain control and withdrawal and naturally immediately got urinalysized even though back then they rarely did so. There is no hope and this clown sits on the Wisconsin medical board as a pain specialist.

        • I did write to the medical board though as if none of this mattered. Heard nothing for the last year and a half. Replied asking what what was going on with it and they said it would take as much as 18 months more but an ‘attorney’ was on it. Nothing will go our way until the AGs have all the money they can get. I have heart failure now for the mobility I lost after cut-off almost two years ago, but I smoke out of sheer grief so I have ruined that too or I might have a good case. Anyway you slice it I can’t do too much but sound off in the pain forums.

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