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  1. The CDC guidelines already state they dont apply to us chronic pain patients. Read their statement. Now Rubio n the CDC will theow out your bill and say all is good its done. Please be more thurough. We need a Bill that specifically states that the DEA WILL NOT COME AFTER OUR DOCTORS and a promise The CDC has zero authority and the mental health Community has no say in how primary care and pain management treat their patients. That is where this is coming from. Please do your research. Its research companies with people who arent legit scientist like Rand that are influencing lawmakers to create laws and pushing and influencing the DEA by writing lettrs n pleading with lawmakers via opionions and not facts

  2. THANK YOU fellow abandoned severe pain patient!!!

  3. One would have more success getting Jeffrey Epstien to cosponsor a bill from prison cracking down on human trafficking.
    Pitiful is the record getting my spineless senior U.S. Senator here in FloriDuh to take a stand ON or FOR ANYTHING!
    Lil spineless Marco tries being all things to everyone AND IS NOTHING TO ANYONE.

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