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  1. Notice they ask for his OPINION. Well… opinions are like ********…. everyone has one! Right???
    The man either has a serious God complex, or there is more money than $725/he flowing his way from somewhere! If he TRULY cared about addiction and death, he’d be talking about Philip Morris, Altria, and Reynolds American… among others!!

  2. He’s public enemy #1. I bet he travels with security and has to wear a bullet proof vest. If not he should.

  3. What a crock! This is one dangerous man! If there’s a “kingpin” for a crisis it’s Andrew Kolodney and the crisis is his anti-opiod lies that are profiting him in a big way and hurting millions who are being forced to suffer needlessly!!

  4. Thank you Dr. Lynn Webster and Dr. De La Garza and Dr. Muchmoore for your seriousness, dedication to true medicine and bravery when testifying for the J&J Trial and the truth about opiates as medicine in this shameless, murderous, insincere money grab by our own top law enforcement officials. I thank the Attorneys for the Defense also for not being turned by the prosecutions infantile emotional plays. The pain patients have been completely abandoned for years and good doctors sit in prison NOW for this UN-patriotic ploy by the Attorneys General and their satellite investors.

  5. I can’t even watch him w/out physically getting ill!!!This thing needs to be put in prison for crimes against humanity,torture,torturing to death the medically ill in physical pain,murder,,,Why isn’t anyone looking into his profits since changing the word addiction to mean what-ever Andrew Kolodny wants it to mean for profit or any other shrink now that he has gotten the definition changed,,,jmo,maryw

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