Did the government over correct on the opioid epidemic?


Jun. 26, 2019 – 4:32 – CDC guidelines have led to doctors cutting back on painkiller subscriptions, leaving patients fighting to get the medication they need.

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  1. Yeah, people killing themselves was just a side note something glossed over. Well it’s good of them to now keep some sort of registry.

    I just can’t get over it. It seems that one death from some other situation any other situation it is needless is always a big deal but not when the person needed a dreaded opioid medication to control their intractable pain.

    I’m getting quite worried about all of this. People killing themselves because they cannot get access to cheap and effective pain medication.
    Can a doctor who allowed their patients to end up in this manner be sued for malpractice?

  2. Did the government “overcorrect” on the opioid epidemic? Absolutely, while creating a patient neglect CRISIS!

  3. “It’s not OUR fault. It’s those goddamn doctors who can’t read right.”

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