The Addiction Front: DOJ sends letter to physicians, groups working together

The Addiction Front: DOJ sends letter to physicians, groups working together

Just like a lot of other media articles –


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  1. CDC recognizes that about 20 million patients are NOT getting adequate pain management with the 2016CDC “guideline” for opioid prescribing physicians who HAVE documentation of proper use, decades, years of documentation of beneficial success with ZERO negative incidents yet, we have no voice!

  2. I know it’s me again I have convinced myself because there are too many “experts” out there that have no clue what is really going on. As far as “abuse” and addiction, I don’t see how in my lifetime we will ever get politics out of health care. With that being said,I believe the only way patients will get pain medication, is by sueing all of these agencies that have no right being involved in health care and so called “experts” who have no experience in caring for pain patients. I also believe this is a “human rights” issue with people commiting suicide because of lack of care. Hope this makes some sense,as I’m texting this in excruciating pain .

    • Seems there has been a peep from the ACLU. That would be great if they took this up. I don’t remember where I read that. Now to sue the CDC or the Medicare/Medicaid ( I thought I heard once that WE CAN’T sue federal offices or the President) or State’s Medical Boards or pharmacy boards on a federal level we need a ‘go’ from the Department of Justice or a Federal Judge. IT IS THE DOJ THAT IS DRIVING THE FALSE NARRATIVE, in my opinion. We have an interview of a former DOJ Assistant Attorney and severe pain patient, who spelled it out quite a while ago among the CAW interviews at yotube. Kate Nicholson.

  3. Maybe we should not fight for a while. Until that ‘settlement’ money is in the accounts they won’t stop, I will know that. I am commenting at the J&J trial. Will I make things worse? Will they Attorneys General become even MORE crazed?

  4. What a bunch of BS. How stupid are these DOJ officials?? Yes overdose kills but they fail to mention that the majority of ODs are the ones that are abusing the drugs and almost always have another substance legal or illegal in their systems. How totally screwed up are the officials??? All I know is I am ready to end my suffering once and for all. This is all too much to handle along with my pain issues. Why would I or anyone else suffering want to go on living this way???

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