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  1. Blah Blah Blah…
    Only Republicans get our vote!! Fox News tells us it is so.
    Our president cares for you vets.
    He has the heel spurs from AVOIDING Nam to show you.
    Trump is taking your VA meds away while this Mango Mussolini is about to lead us into another UNCONSTITUTIONAL WAR to secure his “reelection”.
    Unreal the MORONS that vote for ANY RepubliScum!!! Esp. those that even have a pretense of caring for our vets!!!

  2. Dr. Mark, I heard you say cbd is a great anti-inflammatory, but I have CRPS/RSD TYPE 2 from a crush injury 20 years ago. I think I talked to you before about this. My primary doctor last week told me his medical malpractice liability insurance wouldn’t cover him if he prescribed Opioids, so I’m sitting here in shock losing my mind. I care for my 92 yr old mother who has complete dementia.

    Since my disorder known as the SUICIDE Disease is from dead and damaged nerves how would an anti-inflammatory help a nerve pain disorder? Is it possible to live with this or am I destined to kill myself— which I wouldn’t even know how to do????


    • I wonder if an attorney could create an agreement that would hold up in court that you agree to absolve the doc of any liability in treating your pain. If that is the real reason that the doc is stopping caring for you

  3. Thank you for posting this.
    No matter how many criminally abandoned vets I see, it remains Criminal Abandonment.
    I’ve seen enough.
    But I’ll keep

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