‘He’s Never Treated Chronic Pain Patients’: Protesters At Opioid Trial On State’s Expert Witness


‘He’s Never Treated Chronic Pain Patients’: Protesters At Opioid Trial On State’s Expert Witness

CLEVELAND COUNTY, Oklahoma – The state’s trail against Johnson & Johnson’s pharmaceutical manufacture entered into day 12 Wednesday afternoon. 

A small group of protesters gathered outside the Cleveland County Courthouse as arguments resumed. Protesters voiced concern with the state’s expert witness on the stand, Dr. Andrew Kolodny.

“The state’s expert witness is one of the most-cruel human beings. His attitude is so egregious,” Donna Hill said.  

“He’s never treated chronic pain patients,” Protester Tracy Kennedy said. “He’s treated people with addiction, but not with chronic pain. So, we are out here to let them know we don’t agree with that.”

In a statement to News 9, a spokesman for the state says, “his background speaks for itself.”

Kolodny is a senior scientist at Brandeis University. According to the university’s website, Kolodny previously served as Chief Medical Officer for an addiction treatment agency. It lists his current position as Co-Director of opioid policy research at the university.

Many at the rally say they rely on opioids to cope with pain to perform daily functions.

Don’t control what we can do and what we can’t do, Elisha Grove said. “Understand that we have pain, some of us look like we don’t have pain, but we do.”

The state’s attorneys have said they understand there are people who need these medications and this trial is not about them.

“We matter. We are chronic pain patients,” Kennedy said. “We have conditions that can’t be seen. But we need our opioids.”

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  1. This narcissist psychopaths company is the reason doctors are being denied malpractice insurance if they actually care about people, listen to them and treat their pain with whatever works for the patient. I’m just about positive now that we have multiple RICO violations in play across multiple govt agencies and private players.

  2. I didn’t used to believe in reincarnation, but I’ve decided he’s Goebbel’s come back.

  3. Justice Louis D. Brandeis must be rolling in the grave at the death rained down on the chronically ill wrought by the University named after him. Crimes against humanity through denial of care. Analytics programs to identify patients and the doctors who prescribe for them. All day every day..you are a number- defined by the number of MME’s your qualified doctor has decided you might need to control your pain. Your doctor is a MME number-and possible “over-prescriber” not a trained and qualified professional who can decide what is best for treating your illness. Your doctor is now scared to prescribe medications you might medically need.
    All this and more determined by greedy humans disguised as moral crusaders ???
    Andrew Kolodny-currently employed by Brandeis University-proud sponsor of “spy on you” PDMP and data analytics programs developed by Peter Krieder through the University.
    Long before Brandeis there’s the Hospital and Physician/surgeon Malpractice Insurance/Kolodny connection:

    Kolodny and his father were on the governing board of a malpractice insurance company in NY. Physicians Reciprocal Insurance Company PRI
    PRI Physicians Reciprocal Insurance started in 1981, Kolodny and his father were on the Governing Board..until 2014 …what if all this is about malpractice insurers $$$$$$$ in light of coming lawsuits?
    Figure out the lowest dose of opioid medication that will not cause any overdose 90-100MME per day or less and push non opioid protocols, etc.
    -create PROP
    -get rid of the pain scale
    -no more hospital questions regarding pain
    -pain is a psycho-social issue(in your head mental illness issue).
    -get your buddy Friedan at the CDC to write Guideline and it becomes mandate nationwide
    -push for Rx bupe/suboxone for pain
    -control training of physicians
    -get wealthy donors to fund anti-opioid groups throughout the nation controlling the dialog

    PRI and PRIMed:
    “PRI was founded in 1982 by a small group of doctors, with a mission to provide New York’s physicians and surgeons comprehensive medical malpractice coverage at an affordable price. For over 32 years, PRI has been a stable insurance carrier, providing professional liability coverage to more than 12,000 physicians and several healthcare facilities, making PRI the second largest malpractice insurance carrier in NY, and one of the largest malpractice insurance carriers in the US.

    PRI offers coverage to physicians and healthcare providers in virtually every specialty, and insures various types of facilities including hospitals, nursing homes, urgent care centers, labs and clinics.

    Aggressive Defense: PRI prides itself on its aggressive defense team. Their claims representatives work very closely with you, providing you with the guidance and support you need when faced with a malpractice claim.

    Risk Management: PRI offers several live seminars, web based conferences, online courses and resources to help physicians mitigate the risks of malpractice lawsuits. PRI is strongly committed to helping physicians to reduce the frequency and severity of malpractice claims, and developing new ways to help practices with innovative risk management programs. Physician Reciprocal Insurers (PRI) is accredited by the Medical Society of the State of New York to sponsor Continuing Medical Education (CME) for physicians. Therefore, those physicians who participate in PRI’s risk management programs are awarded CME credits.”*
    *PRI Website

    Names PRI Board-2014-Governing Board-Kolodny SR. and Kolodny Jr.:

    Physician CME training and risk management :
    “PRI’s resources and award winning risk management education programs lead the industry. PRI has the experience of several renowned physicians, including the physicians who are on the Board of Governors along with experienced insurance executives. PRI’s claims department is staffed with knowledgeable professionals to help physicians during their claims process, and provide them with the guidance and tools they need.”

  4. What they needed to have out there is other experts that are respected in this field to contradict what Kolodny says & to point out his bias along with his huge conflicts of interests. Clearly, just having patients out there just saying he does not treat pain patients or blaming him for trying to take them away from those that need them are not going to do the job & get those in power to listen as the state simply just explained it all away by stating his credentials! You need to have those that can professionally challenge those credentials!

  5. Andrew Kolodny should be charged with murder for every CPP who has died because they were deprived of their medications. This POS is Satan’s helper & shouldn’t be allowed to testify about anything involving human beingd since he isn’t one.

    • I have heard nothing but bad things about this guy. I have tried doing research on him. Except for his narcissistic reviews about himself it is really hard to find out what his “real dealings” are. For example I had read where he might have had a hand in “inventing” suboxone or had a hand in it some way and that he might “own” Rehab centers. I understand what I read could not be true. I can’t verify that one way or another. Usually when your a “big shot” you can read about individual on wiki links. There is no mention of this guy! That in itself I find suspicious. Would love to hear form anyone who can verify the questions on Kolodny or refute them….

      • It’s where the Earth just expelled him from Hell a few years ago and he was left to do the Underworld’s bidding against the vulnerable disabled and chronically ill ….

        Sorry, feeling extra jaded today fellow Warriors , much Love

    • Amen Judy,,,murder,,crimes against humanity,torture and put to death! ,Im not sorry for what i say,,,ive seen toooo many friends die in agony because of him!!!!Oh ,,lets not forget prejudice,bigot and money is alll that matters to him,,,maryw

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