NO DEAD BODIES: DEA: doctor is believed to still be over-prescribing prescription raided

Florence doctor surrendered license, prescriptions revokedFlorence doctor surrendered license, prescriptions revoked

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – A doctor whose Florence office was raided Monday by the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, and others surrendered his license under pressure on Monday around the time his office was raided.

That’s according to the Mississippi Board of Medical Licensure. Dr. Ken Cleveland of the Board said Dr. Van Coleman has also surrendered his DEA number, which means all of his current prescriptions are no longer valid.

The investigation into Coleman started in 2018, but it was not the first time he had been under scrutiny. In 2013, he was required to take a prescribing course in lieu of being punished for failing to acknowledge that some of his patients were doctor shopping. The investigation continues, and we’re told others have also been arrested.

DEA Acting Special Agent Christopher Daniel said Coleman is believed to still be over-prescribing prescription medications.

Looking for evidence, search warrants were served on Coleman’s office in the Florence Family Medical Clinic and at his home. Authorities said he is not charged yet, but charges are forthcoming.

The Mississippi Boards of Nursing, Pharmacy, and Medical Licensure were involved with the investigation, as well as the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives, the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department, and the Department of Health and Human Services.

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  1. DEA is full of coward’s. Try fighting the problem on the boarder instead of our doctors. Who the hell made your joke of a govt agency all knowing medical police? Get your shit together and stop bulling the medical field. To all the DEA employees… “We were just following orders” sound familiar?
    Get a clue and stop your witch hunt.

  2. We all need to ask everyone running for President why DEA is running all over Doctors and patients without oversight? We need to flood them with questions and proof. Is there anyway to start a campaign in our CPP community? Anyone else have ideas on how to expose this rogue law inforcment?

  3. Why is it that almost no one outside our community has figured out that they can keep going after the “top prescriber” until there are zero prescribers left? Eventually, some doc who prescribed a total of 3 vicodin tabs in a year will be the “top prescriber.” Or is that the whole point & logic need not apply? Probably.

    I’m reading a book about the history of the gulags & Stalin’s terror. One of the secret policeman told the innocent person he just arrested “we never arrest anyone who isn’t guilty.” Sounds familiar: the DEA never raids anyone who isn’t guilty. And I am gonna be really stupid & ask again, “Why the bloody hell are they arresting doctors prescribing legal medications to monitored patients & ignoring the tons of illegal drugs that are actually killing people?” Oh yeah: it’s easier & they get lots of money.

    • I totally agree. The DEA is filling their coffers with all the assets they get when they bust doctors. And our administration is letting this happen because the DEA is actually helping fund themselves. Our country has failed miserably to stem the importation of illegal drugs entering our country.

      • Dennis;
        yeah, the “War on Drugs” makes Vietnam look like a 15-0 baseball game. There’s an interesting study that shows that this decade’s drug trend is merely a continuation of trends that started in the 70s (

        It’s really unfortunate that this country is incapable of learning from its mistakes…i mean, look how well Prohibition worked, & here we are doing the same thing again, & it’s not been working for over 4 decades, so we need to do it more & harder. Jaysus. Too bad there’s not a chance in hell that we’ll ever follow Portugal’s example; since they decriminalized everything, the # of addicts & of drug deaths has gone down by about half. And we pain patients might be able to get our meds & not be portrayed is being directly responsible for the ruination of the entire society. *sigh*

    • Yeah they want all the chronically ill people dead and with prescription opiates/opioids we aren’t dying fAst enough so they are pushing us all closer and closer to risking dirty street meds witch will eventually kill us or just suicide via our own hands when we can no longer bear a life of torturous pain and withdrawals woo hoo thanks government!!

  4. What happened to due process? Or innocent until proven guilty? The DEA seems to be running wild with no oversight and no accountability. Doctors are stripped of their license to practice medicine, and sometimes also thrown in jail. Their assets are seized so they have no way to mount a legal defense.
    And chronic pain patients are caught in the middle…
    This is government sanctioned torture.

  5. No overdoses? No bodies? Compliance with furthered “training” and still lives ruint? The physicians life, pain management patients lives? DEA does not have the training to practice medicine….I thought.

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