Is this how the EPI “needle jockey” industry gets SHUT DOWN?


The distances between the EPIDURAL area and the INTRATHECAL area is JUST MILLIMETERS.  Anything injected into the intrathecal area (spinal fluid) has to be not only sterile, but also preservative free and a solution – as opposed to a suspension.

While injecting a corticosteroids in the epidural area is/can be troublesome.. it is when the person doing the injection inserts the needle just “a tad” to far and the medication gets injected into the intrathecal area is when “all hell breaks loose” for the pt and the pt ends up with adhesive arachnoiditis    A very painful and IRREVERSIBLE condition.

It is stated that there are 10 million ESI’s given every year and 5% of the pts will end up with adhesive arachnoiditis  Should this be considered a MALPRACTICE issue ? Could this be considered UNPROFESSIONAL CONDUCT by practitioners that are providing these treatments ?

Will this video shared with law firms give them enough ammunition to file lawsuits for personal injury ?

Would this video shared with members of Congress persuade them to get Medicare/Medicaid to stop paying for these procedures ?





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