Cavuto goes “rabid” on the disease of addiction and pain

Death of Columbine survivor Austin Eubanks renews discussion on opioid crisis

Greg Gutfeld and Kennedy and Eliz Mac Donald on Fox cable and Fox business are all PRO OPIATE but apparently the rest of the  “talking head” are left to use their on air time to rant about their opiate phobias and biases

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  1. While it’s a shame what happened to the guy especially after surviving Columbine but as always its a VERY CAREFULLY selected person who overdosed they bring to the news, that helps generate more attention and pull at heartstrings which will suddenly make people who prior never fell for it the “sentimental” view towards the issue..

    NEVER do we hear about the Joe Blows of the society who happens to overdose why because its no beneficial to their agenda.

  2. The one VERY big thing that they are not mentioning in this is that his mental health might have been properly taken care of. That is the first thing that should have been done and there is no mention of that. Any lay person would know that his mental state in the years following Columbine should have been tracked and treated with counseling and/or with proper medication.
    Of course anyone is going to feel better after taking an opioid. That is why they are called pain medications. To me it looks like he was trying to treat his depression/anxiety with them because his mental issues were not or maybe not, being taken care of. It is sad that this person died, but it may not have happened if he had gotten the proper care in the first place.
    I know that I don’t have all the facts about this case and I am assuming a few things, but I don’t think that Cavuto should be attacking the use of opioids that this guy might have used without telling us if his mental state was being helped in the first place.

    • Howard;
      you’re so right. But these hysterical, PR lies-gulping fools don’t seem to care about minor details like “facts” or “sanity.” Foaming at the mouth about a fictional “CRISIS!!!!” is so much more new-worthy, after all.

      Is this insanity ever going to end, d’ya think? I’m losing what little hope I had by the day.

  3. The “opioid crisis” and 2016 CDC “guideline” for opiate prescribing physicians and DEA enforcement of what is supposed to be a “guideline” has forced my pain management doctor to reduce my medication to 90 mme and the result has been the loss of my 37 year business, persona; depression, social inactivity including the inactivity of my right of religious freedom but, I have failed zero urine screenings, double urine screenings, pill counts and my doctor has watched my life decay all because the “experts” have swung too far against those of us that have used opiate medication to continue to have a life. LIFE is about choices. Some people have a real difficult time overcoming adversity that come to us all. ALL people with crippling disease and injury can not be treated with the same medication, the same dosage, and we all respond differently to medications, opiate medications when in fact all other pain relief therapies have all been utilized. I NEVER would have believed that there are so many narrow minded “experts” on the subject of pain management. MONEY seems to be the issue, not lives or the subjected torture to those of us with decades of successful treatment with adequate dosages of medication with documented results would not be happening. If members of congress will not listen, vote them OUT. I am a conservative, I believe in being self sufficient, and those who are unfortunate enough to not be able to help themselves I am MORE than willing to help monetarily, physically, spiritually or however is within my ability. Congress claims to represent ALL Americans except those of us that fall into the category of need for opiate medications .F um ALL!

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