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  1. I just learned of this action and the facebook pages for sufferers. I want to join in Thank you

  2. ditto to all 3 commentators above…Thee whole narrative of 1 Andrew kolodny alone reeks of the bigotry/prejudice of and to those who take a MEDICINE opiates to lessen physical pain from a medical conditions..This archaic imagery 1 Andrew kiolodny was portraying of all us as nothing more then some junky in a alley way shooting up because ,he has bought off every single prejudicial politician to buy into his prejudice,,,When truth was and is,,million of us Cpp are medically ill human beings that have a painful medical condition that use a MEDICINE to lessen that physical pain,,THATS IT,, we aren’t ,”long term opiate ,”users’,,we are not opiate abuse ,”users’ ..WE ARE MEDICALLY ILL HUMAN,,IN PHYSICAL PAIN,AND LIKE ALL NORMAL HUMANS SEEK TO LESSEN THAT PHYSICAL PAIN,,THE MEDICINE THAT EFFECTIVELLY WORKS ARE OPIATES,,,,THATS IT!!!..It is the prejudice,the bigotry,,of the days of old,,that kolodny preaches,,Just like the prejudice towards those of color,,or those poorer then the likes of kolodny,,or gay people or trans people,,it is the same bigots,,,Andrew kolodny objective was to demonize the medicine opiate by displaying them as a drug .He said himself,,he felt doctors were getting ,”to comfortable,” prescribing opiates,,,SO WHAT,,,IT ABOUT TIME,,,PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY GET RELIEF FROM PHYSICAL PAIN!!!!HE IS A BIGOT,,PLAIN AND SIMPLE AND USED LIARS ,FALSIFIED DATA,KILLED AND TORTURED THE WEAKEST IN OUR SOCIETY TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF…THE MEDICALLY ILL,WITH CHRONIC PRE-EXISTING MEDICAL DESEASES,CONDITION,,,USED A AGE OLD PREJUDICE,AND BIGOTRY,,,HATRED,,,TO MAKE MONEY,,,,IF THAT AINT THE DEFINITION OF CORRUPTION,CRUELITY,BULLYING AND DOWN RIGHT INHUMANE SOUL,,,,I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS,,,sadly this is not the 1st time our government has fallen for the like of kolodny,,,,Look at Eugenics,,,,same thing,,but the government had to learn the hard way,,as did all the human lives murders by those in power ,who tortured the crippled,or the deaf,,or the blind,,in insane asylums,,deeming them ,”genetically inferior or ,”inferior mental hygiene,”,,many of those innocent eople where locked up,tortured and tortured to death in psychiatry insane asylums,waverlly,pennhurst,,,,Even though their minds were in many cases smarter then their captures,
    ,Kolodny needs to be brought up on charges of torture and murder,,and locked up for life so he can never ever kill another medically ill human being again,just my opinion,,maryw

  3. Awesome News!

  4. I love this guy and want him to be put in charge of the CDC, DEA, & FDA immediately (yeah, I know…but I gotta be able to dream for a second or two).

    I hope some of those lawyers will get their butts out to Oregon to do something to rein in the Fundamentalists of the Church of Opioiphobia, because they’ve got a stranglehold on the entire frigging state’s health care hierarchy. The ACL-Useless & all the state “civil rights” orgs & attorneys have repeatedly, strongly rejected us for years.

  5. Well said.

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