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  1. I agree with both of you. Our government is making and stocking piling
    Their own illicit drugs laced with fentanyl so we don’t have a chance in hell of solving the problems that chronic pain patient’s are having.

    They are much more interested in how much money they can make in taxing marijuana, and cbd oil. Plus the fee they are charging for the narcan to save their lives when they overdose. The gov. Created this mess to get rid of the weak & the sick

    • We’re just going to have to get rid of them first.
      At the minimum, it will send a message.
      (Heard at the ice cream shoppe!)

  2. Prohibition did not work! The “war on drugs” will not work. Legalize all drugs and bring the cost down, make clean places to inject and you will see a reduction in deaths. FINALLY, the chronic, intractable pain patients are paying a big price. Prescribed pain medicine to patients are NOT the problem.

  3. The question is what has the DEA EVER had to do with stopping the flow of drugs or the deaths of ‘loved’ ones? Junior and illicit users will not be denied their fatal clumsiness as long as it is ‘forbidden fruit’ and NOW SEVERE PAIN folk are the ‘baby thrown out with the bath water’ (the ONLY class of citizen suffering from ‘opioid (opiate) crisis’), …and the impotent DEA (I don’t blame them, unless we stop using ocean going ships we will be stopping zero smuggling of anything) is still growing like the Blob. Portugal and Sweden and Holland and others have virtually decriminalized and OD death resides near ZERO. The DEA is arresting and charging and sentencing ethical, legitimate Medical Doctors, I will say that.

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