Pharmacist calls police because Grandson – with different last name – paid for Grandfather’s Rx with charge card.

I recently saw an old man and his grandson getting arrested outside the local CVS while I was filling one of my Rx. From what I overheard the grandfather could not afford his Rx so his grandson paid for it with his credit card. The pharmacist filled their RX of course.then called the police because the grandson had a different last name as his. The pharmacist could have warned them or not filled it but no… He filled it anyway… They surrounded them in the parking lot.
They were in no hurry to leave, they had no idea they had done anything wrong… The police had them both spread across the hood of the cop car pouring out the bottle of pills across the hood on display like it was crack or something… The wind was blowing and several times before they had them in the squad cars had to stop to pick up the old man’s pills off of the road…. God I wish my phone had not been almost dead I’d have recorded the whole thing… I have no idea if they were or were not guilty of any actual crime but from what I overheard I pray that they are found not guilty and Sue for wrongful prosecution. But I’m sure in our quickly declining morally bankrupt society they probably won’t have a leg to stand on…. God help us all….

I had to give this some thought… Other than being totally irrational.. did the Pharmacist JUMP TO THE CONCLUSION that the Senior Citizen was selling his medication to the younger kid ?

Of course now, the pt’s medication is contaminated and or destroyed regardless of the outcome. And the Grandson will have – most likely – have to pay for the medication put on his charge card.

Should/could the Pharmacist be charged with making a FALSE POLICE REPORT ?

Is this Pharmacist so anxious to “bust someone” trying to illegally obtain a controlled substances that his “common sense” has been overtaken by his paranoia ?







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  1. The ZELOTS are just taking things to far. They acting like they were sharing needles or worse!

  2. My sisters-in-law was living with us and was VERY ill. We picked up and paid for her narcotics all of the time ! I wish that would have happened to me, I would have sued and been wealthy now ! God help us all if we can no longer help family. This manufactured crisis has gone to far.

  3. That pharmacist was way out of line. He should have got all the information necessary before making that phone call which would not have been necessary then. Hope the 2 people concerned make a complaint . Makes the pharmacist look foolish and petty. As a pharmacist myself I cringe thinking how stupid He was .

  4. I’m not sure what the crime was? Grandpa was there? Then why an issue, please explain…

  5. “Mean spirited,” that’s the attitude I see in most people who have a slight degree of situational authority and are working in a job that they now realize is, continually unfulfilling.

    I hope to learn more of this particular story and hope it isn’t Fake News.
    Will, on second thought, perhaps it would be better if it was fake news.
    I’m starting to wonder how far……

  6. This just gets more stupid by the day! The discrimination and ignorance is rampant! SMH

  7. I am so grateful for my pharmacy. The first time I needed my son to pick up (keep in mind that my pharmacy delivers, but we were out of town). We have the same last name. They asked his age, I answered 29 and told them he was responsible and trustworthy, and knew where to hide them in my home. They were ok with that, no problem. Yes, an independent pharmacy. DUMP THE CHAINS!!! I know it isn’t possible for everyone, but do so if you can for your own life.

  8. U know,,,I use to do thee exact same thing for my father,,,25 years ago,,,,,He feared using his cc for scripts because he thought his insurance would go up??Attt, type insurance back then for retirees….bUT,,,,NEVER EVER was I treated like that,,,my, have times changed,,,,FOR THE WORSE,,,,WHY CAN’T THEY SEE,,,ALL OF THEM,,,FROM BUTT HEAD KOLODNY TO THE FEDS,,,,THEY HAVE MADE IT ALLL WORSE,,,NOT BETTER,,,,SOO MAYBE RE-THINK THERE APPROACH TO THIS BY NOT USING HYSTERIA AS THEIR GUIDE!!!!
    I SAY the young good hearted grandson get a dam attorney,,for deformation,,prejudice,bias,hate crime,and outright false arrest and sue the crap out of them,,,,for it appears lawsuits are going to be thee only way to end this hysteria,torture,and medical professionals’ that are just idiots,,,jmo,maryw

  9. Moral high ground, moral high ground, …no matter what. I think 911 was worse for us than just the attack – and that problem is home grown. “Fault Intolerance”, or just “Intolerance” in the process of making “heroes” is making greater and greater inroads. Fear of this combatant fear of that combatant is making ‘combatants’ out of non-combatants.

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