Corporate choice: pt safety or bottom line profits – guess which they chose ?

CVS Pharmacy just announced their pharmacist working hour cuts. “Verification sharing”, a technological workload share computer program, is now leading to sweeping hour cuts and overlap diminishes across our district and our neighboring district, and I’m certain the whole company chain. In my store, hours has been cut 8 full RPh hours, many others are seeing more hours cut. For a company that says they value patient safety, they are not giving us the tools we need to keep people safe. By cutting pharmacist hours, this will increase wait times and our current inabilities to get medications into the hands of our patients that need them. A deliberate move to continue lining the pockets of the top executives.

We leave 150+ undone every night, give or take…





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  1. Sounds like the darn Post Office but with lives on the line.

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