our health care system will never make any attempt to cure STUPID

Jeff Dick Since spine surgery I have chronic pain but I refuse to take opioids. I don’t even take Tylenol. That means I have difficulty understanding how people can get hooked. It’s a good thing I will never be in a position to make the rules. I would prohibit a second refill of any addictive drug. If the patient is in that much pain something is physically wrong. Rather that mask the pain, fix the damn problem.
  • Steve Ariens I guess all chronic pain pts are lucky that you are not in the position to make the rules… unfortunately, we have way too many in the position to make the rules – that are as ignorant as you are about human health and treatment. what medical science knows about the human system is greatly dwarfed by what it doesn’t know… and apparently you are a good example … our medical science cannot fix STUPID !


  • Jamie Hubert Jeff Dick 1) You have a VERY narrow world view.
    2) You have no comprehension of how the country’s or worlds medical and financial systems work.
    3) Every BODY is different. See More
  • Jeff Dick Wow, the bleeding hearts are out tonight. You all seem absolutely anxious to get millions of people addicted just so they won’t have to feel a little pain. Your preference is turn them into a dependent zombie. Your cure, is many times worse than the disease.
    The above is comments from someone who believes that NO ONE should have more than one Rx of opiates regardless of their pain. I put the link to his facebook page on the top of this page.  Apparently our health care system will never make any attempt to cure STUPID ?


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  1. Please Read!!!! If you only read one article please read this one! Please I’m begging you!!

    Well written Steve Ariens!
    The suffering has to stop! We need people to read the article! We need people to share, post comments, or like the article.
    People are suffering! Read the article and if you want facts clink on the blue links in the article and it will show you the facts!
    We need people to make shorter terms in our legislative. They should have the same healthcare that we get then maybe they will finally get it!!
    This is where are taxes are going?!?
    People are suffering and dying!
    Is this where you want you want your taxes to go?
    Is this what we want are children to see and hear?
    Is this what we want are elderly to go through?
    Is this how we what are military and vets to suffer or go through! (You wouldn’t have the freedom you have today if it wasn’t for them)
    How about about doctors that are trying to help but can’t because they could lose their license or go to jail! They take an oath to do know harm but do to regulators, pharmacies, insurers prior authorization, appeals, external reviews and how can they do that? (Do you want them to decide what’s best for you when they didn’t go to medical school!(?)
    So what do we do????? They need to throw the CDC Guidelines out and start over before more people die or commit suicide because their suffering! They have admitted that they messed up and have caused harm!
    So why haven’t they changed those guidelines that where done illegally!?
    Because they need to hear from us.
    It could be from people that know the truth, someone affected by the guidelines , patients, caregivers, friends that know someone that has been affected!

  2. Sorry can’t fix stupid! That is one thing I learned at a young age. Clearly this “person doesn’t understand that not everyone can be “cured.”

  3. I hope this dipstick got my message

  4. I think anyone that genuinely clueless would not get so far as to say it out loud. Jeff is almost certainly a “plant”. You hear outrageous, infantile replies like this often at youtube. You can just tell they are in the ‘get some of that money, …somehow’ loop.

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