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Hi everyone! We have an important question:

Have you been unable to get your medication (or as much medication as your doctor prescribed) due to your pharmacy/insurance declining or giving you the runaround? Please post here and we will PM you. We’re talking to reps for a big law firm who may be interested in working with us to bust up the types of mergers that impact us (between CVS and Caremark, or Cigna and Express Scripts, for instance).

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  1. We’ve also dealt with going weeks without certain medications for my twelve year old daughter . She has certain medical conditions and needs her medications but they constantly give us the run around !

  2. Yes I have been . I have cvs Caremark and because of the cdc guidelines, Caremark has adopted them and refuses to fill it at a dose over 90 mme .

  3. Yes, in my state, the recently enacted law is purposefully designed to treat chronic pain paitents as Street addicts’. We are certainly not street addicts’. I’m being tapered off my reguar medication very quickly and I am suffering the effects.

  4. Walmart refused to fill my prescriptions from my PMC. They are choosing which doctors offices they will fill for here in S. Oregon.

  5. My insurance will pay for 1/2 of a 28 day supply. The doctor broke it up to 50 insurance helps, 70 I pay cash. I have nor has my doctor been able to contact anyone to request review, The numbers given me have robo answering that either hangs up after one question; My birthday or another robo questions runs me around before saying unable to help “Goodbye Hang up.”

  6. Nothing that involved those pharmacies, but Medicaid sent a letter telling me they would not pay for my fentanyl patches over 50 mcg/hr. Doctor got them to agree to an increase, but I would have had to go without breakthrough pain meds. I did that for four years, with nothing to take for the severe migraines that would last two to three days. So I chose to stay where I’m at now. It’s slowly killing me.

  7. Yes to all. Have been denied treatment by insurance company an Drs just flat refusing. Ive been without proper pain management since 2012.
    They keep telling me by law I cannot get any treatments for my severe spinal cord damage.
    My case with state insurance company is a landmark case pm me an I’ll send you the links curae brief the AFL-CIO wrote for me.

    • Been battling for yrs . just won my federal case of unconstitutional so what the state did is worse using same medical evidence.

  8. Being denied everything

  9. Blue Cross has been a nightmare for me. They deny my meds all the time and have for the last couple years costing me thousands out of pocket and even caused me to suffer through withdrawals. I would love to be part of bringing them justice

  10. My BCBS is no longer paying for what little pain medicine I do get. I’ve been taking it for 10+ years and just recently they started denying to pay for it.

  11. I had to go to 18 pharmacies when my pharmacy got shut down.

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