CDC: More people are overdosing on this legal drug

CDC: More people are overdosing on this legal drug

That’s more than double what was earlier reported.

The CDC also noted that in about 60 of those kratom-related deaths, fentanyl was a co-cause.

A clinic worker at Northside Forsyth Hospital in Cumming, Georgia, said they’ve treated several kratom overdose cases.

“When we have seen them coming in, they have some kind of psychotic episode where they are hallucinating. Some are unconscious,” said Antwan Brownlee, behavioral health clinician at Northside Forsyth Hospital. “From this EMS report, they had given the patient Narcan, and the person was responsive when we started to do the evaluation.” 

The DEA is considering criminalizing kratom, saying it has a high potential for abuse and no currently accepted medical use in treatment.

But a Cobb County, Georgia, woman doesn’t agree.

Christy Garner said kratom has helped her battle chronic pain, while stopping her addiction to opiates.

“It’s given me a new life. When it’s used responsibly, it’s a miracle supplement,” Garner said.

Poison centers have noted a spike in calls related to kratom.

The FDA and DEA have solicited public comment on a proposal to criminalize the possession and sale of kratom.

More than 100,000 have signed petitions opposing plans to make kratom illegal.

Just read the WORDS that they use … “Kratom WAS A CAUSE” and ILLEGAL FENTANYL WAS ALSO IN TOXICOLOGY


Kratom HAS A HIGH POTENTIAL FOR ABUSE  – based on what clinical data ?

Poison Centers have NOTICED A SPIKE in calls related to Kratom – a spike could be a increase from TWO to FOUR ?

In a 550 day period – 90 deaths where KRATOM WAS “A CAUSE”  – NOT THE ONLY CAUSE ?

The DEA is playing “magician” with the numbers… they can turn “small numbers” into seemingly “LARGE NUMBERS”

In the same time frame the two drugs ( Alcohol & Nicotine) would be involved in 825,000 deaths… just 9000 PERCENT MORE PER DAY

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  1. Sad

  2. Please kill me now

  3. All about the money. They don’t want anything taking from their pockets. Makes me sick! 7 deaths give me a break..

  4. NBC posted this story as well. Out of 91 deaths all but 7 involved fentanyl and heroin. The media, the DEA and the CDC need to get their dicks out of big pharmas mouth. They don’t care about you. They don’t want you to use anything other than what pads their pockets and they will do and say anything and coerce anyone to pollute the truth about alternative treatments. Sick of it!!! Hey! How many people died from opioids or alcohol just in the time it took me to write this?

  5. Many more people have died from peanut allergies than from kratom, should they outlaw peanut products because some people are allergic? Could it be that this tiny, tiny spike in kratom issues might be due to the fact that many more people are using it due to having been taken off the opiates they¨ve been on for pain?

  6. Ah, the ever-present challenge of trying to push facts against hysteria & a really successful PR campaign. And I’m sure kratom buyers are a lot easier to find & safer to arrest than major heroin/fentanyl/coke dealers. Rock on, DEA.

    • Exactly right! The same way they go after doctors and their patients and for the same reasons! Simpler and safer than going after the real issue but they can make the claim that they’re assessing the “overdose crisis”. I can but hope that their idiocy hits them directly, and hits them HARD!!

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