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Applebee’s fires waitress who posted receipt from pastor complaining about auto-tip

I don’t deny anyone the right to make a good living.. and I have  never understood how our system has allowed restaurants to pay employees as little as a couple of bucks a hour.. and expect customers to basically pay the wait staff via tipping, and the “expected” rate is 18%.. I can remember when I was younger the “expected” amount was 10%. It is as if the cost of eating out has not kept up with inflation.. which I find hard to believe.

While we don’t eat out very much at “higher end” restaurants … I am often frustrated that I am otherwise obligated to leave a tip larger than many third parties pay for a pharmacy to fill a prescription.. and the tip has nothing to do with the restaurant’s major overhead.

Personally, I have trouble finding a “parity” in the moneys involved and the level of services provided.

With all the comments from RPH’s about pt/customers’ behavior, comments or lack of comments at the Rx dept counter..  is it that there is a total misunderstanding of what we do?

Is it because eating out  could be consider a luxury and medication is viewed as  a necessary evil expense?

I am not suggesting that we should put a “tip jar” at the Rx register…  but are we so busy or so concerned that we may fail to put a dollar into the register.. that we have failed to train or encourage some sort of civility from the pt/customers we provide a service to?

I have been told that some companies seemingly encourage a lack of civility from pt/customers by giving them something free when they have a hissy fit. Whether the hissy fit is warranted or not.

IMO.. it is pathetic that an apology is expected to have a $$ attached to it…

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