Pharmacist refused to fill Rx because NOT ENOUGH PROFIT

Dear Mr. Ariens:

I recently went to a pharmacy for my daughter’s controlled medication that she had a refill left. The normal pharmacist was on holiday.

The visiting pharmacist advised she looked into the cost of the  medication and noted that the insurance was only 2 percent and that was too little. She replied she could transfer the prescription to another pharmacy.


While at the pharmacy I called the insurance company (Medicare) to get an explanation. 


She over heard my conversation and exclaimed that the medication was covered, but she felt the loss was to much and again said she could transfer to another pharmacy.


Can she deny my daughter her medication (treatment) because she felt that Medicare was paying too little for the  $3,300 cost of the medication?  This pharmacy has filled this medication at least since 2012.


What can I do and can I file an ADA discrimination or pharmacy board compliant? Please note:This pharmacy is located in an exclusive zip code and her comments were very upsetting to My disabled daughter.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

These “drug cards” – PBM (Prescription Benefit Manager) have in their contract that pharmacies normally states that the pharmacy must fill valid Rxs if the pharmacy has the medication in stock.. it does not matter if the pharmacy makes or loses money on the prescription.

Some independent pharmacists have stated – that the reason they sold/closed their pharmacies was because they were losing money on >25% of all prescriptions they fill.

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  1. That’s what wagreens did to Carla. But the Pharmacists said the dose was to high. So she refused to fill it.

  2. Pharmacy tried to do the same to me.
    But the difference was she straight up told me that their cost went up so no profit for them unquote.
    Didn’t try to hide anything.
    I reported the owner the pharmacist an the clinic for not saying a word after yrs of filling said script.
    The medical profession is totally profit driven.
    If the Drs , I mean all Drs an pharmaceuticals stood as one for whats right , we wouldn’t be in this debacle.
    One more is to many all in the name of greed.

  3. Timothy Howard

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