As seen on the web 03-15-2019

Dr. Ginevra Liptan

Today, I traveled to Salem to testify again in front of the committee that will determine the proposed State opioid policy outcome.

If it were to pass, the policy mandates Medicaid patients with certain chronic pain conditions, including fibromyalgia, be forcibly tapered off of their opiates. Chronic pain patients need more tools, NOT less. In the video below you can hear my testimony and further thoughts on this extremely important issue.

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  1. Applauses for this brave Dr standing up for her Patients! In fact, ALL Medicaid Patients!
    I’m feeling this evil Government wants the disaDisa and diseased dead!
    How else could we explain such ideas these authorities are thinking? It’s not humane .How can they NOT see this!?

  2. She was awesome.

  3. Wow when did the State get their Drs Degree in the Medical field? Seriously?? How do they know what medication works and doesnt work?

    • Michelle;
      You truly cannot imagine the arrogance of these people. And the utter contempt they feel for CPPs; they call us “addicts” & much worse on the record. the depth of conflicts of interest of this bunch, and the denial of anything resembling science or actual medical expertise, is mind-boggling. I’ve been trying to help some amazing advocates here for quite a while, & it’s incredibly exhausting & depressing. They don’t listen to anything or anyone who doesn’t follow their Creed of Opiophobia. Heck, they didn’t even pay any attention to the main evidence in their own bibliography.

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