CALL TO ACTION. Beto O’Rourke, politicians, advocates, EVERYONE…please stand with doctors and patients to help fight for those fighting for a better quality of life and daily function to receive the correct treatments and medications. Stop blaming patients! Let’s all work together!
We as a nation must come together to help those struggling for their lives due to the under treatment of pain and doctors trying to treat their patients correctly.

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  1. Well said. With the 2020 elections looming closer than we think, it gives us a prime opportunity to make our collective voices heard. At this early stage, with so many candidates vying for our vote there will be TONS of opportunities to speak directly to candidates. Find out when ANYONE is going to be in your area for town hall meetings and rallys. Follow websites of everyone who is running and keep apprised of their schedules. When an opportunity presents itself, show up and express yourself. In so many cases, our anger is misdirected as far as focusing on things that can really help. Lots of blaming going on. We blame doctors, hospitals, current politicians, pharma companies, drug addicts, mainstream media and on and on. Lets redirect that anger and put it to use where it can truly make a difference. And that is, and always has been, at the polls. Complacency for too many years has brought us to our current situation. There are a lot of us. Together we can bring about change. Get involved. Show up and speak up. Even if you cant get through to a candidate, there will be some kind of media covering every event. If we are there often enough and with enough candidates, we increase our chance of drawing attention to this cause that literally affects every person. And dont forget…change starts locally. Its just as important to make yourself heard in your local community. We can do this!✌

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