Another dead due to under/untreated pain ?

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Another death due to an MD tapering/removing patient from opiate med. Her husband posted this on her Facebook page. I am FB friends with Carla but he didn’t make in the post shareable. Here’s the post: “My name is Larry Larry E. HowardLarry E. Howard Howard and it is with a heavy heart I lost my wife of 28 yrs of a heart attack. I believe to the pain she was suffering and had been for 30yrs. She was the Love of my life and always will be. Her pain patient family meant the world to her. IT’S just her heart could not take it anymore. She was the best part of me and I am lost without her. But I know she would say get a pair and keep fighting. Thank you all for helping her through all the very hard times she had until end. I thank you to for the Love we recei

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  1. I met Carla through my group, DPPR.
    We soon became Facebook friends along with her husband, Larry. I seen many posts Carla had posted and comments in the comment section of DPPR. She was very active for her group to help advocate for all chronic pain patients.
    Why was Carla not given the proper pain medication for her condition? All ER’s and pharmacies have the medication on hand. Why was she denied life saving medications?
    She was a very loving giving heartful lady? She was not ready to say goodbye to her family nor were they ready to say goodbye to her?
    Why was she left to die in torturous by doctors? She suffered absolutely needlessly!
    This is one of the hardest things to comprehend in this modern day of medicine. How can the CDC, DEA, and other government agencies who made these new guidelines sleep knowing Carla suffered so horribly?
    There have been so many people dying because of what they call a “opioid epidemic”. People who are in horrible chronic pain do not abuse their pain relievers. We want relief from gawd awful pain. We do not have enough pain relievers to abuse. We barely have enough to take the edge off our pain.
    To some who read our comments, they are only words. To our fellow chronic pain sufferers this is real and this is torture.

  2. Carla was a beautiful person who was not ready to go. She didn’t want another surgery and was being rapid force tapered, when are the people responsible for these senseless deaths gong to be held accountable!???

  3. This Is Heartbreaking as to what our Country is doing to us Pain Pts.

  4. May God bless and comfort you Larry .So very sorry with the passing of your wife. She is still with you and you will be reunited s8 for all eternity. My wife of 30 years is suffering needlessly I don’t think she can take much more We are fighting as we are both chronic pain patients.
    I will keep you in my prayers

  5. This man neeed s to contact media and a lawyer why arent any family members suing!!

    • Mel;
      Sorry, but you need to do a bit of research. Unless the person is already wealthy, he’s pretty much screwed; no attorney’s or so-called civil rights orgs, including (especially!) the ACLUseless will have anything to do with anyone who has problems or death due to refusals of pain medication. they will not do anything, & have repeated this choice repeatedly, to many, many of us who’ve tried to get them off their useless butts for a very long time, in a large variety of ways.

      There’s a disabled veteran, Marine Robert Rose Jr, who’s spent the last 2+ years suing the VA ON HIS OWN, because no attorney would have anything to do with him. He’s started a state-by-state lawsuit (Operation Starburst) where individuals in each state can work in their own state to get things going. If you want to help, check him out. Here’s a link to his Operation Starburst (, or his gofundme campaign ( Since he & his volunteer army of helpers are going it alone, he & we need every bit of help possible.

      Not since 1932, when Douglas MacArthur (with Hoover’s approval) opened fire upon the starving & disabled WWI veterans (the “Bonus Expeditionary Force”) in Washington DC has the US so shamefully, criminally abused and tortured the veterans who fought and bled for it.

      But the US continues to viciously abuse vets and innocent civilians for the crime of being in pain and disabled, and most citizens cheer because they’ve completely swallowed the lying propaganda of a small group of people who make lots of money off the addiction treatment racket. And the DEA is all for it, guns blazing in the heroic pursuit of doctors and pain patients, because they are a whole lot easier to catch (& a lot less dangerous) than the actual problem: illegal drug dealers & suppliers. Makes me so proud to be an American (that’s sarcasm, folks).

      • Exactly!!!

      • You are so right about the ACLU- they have never helped or been interested in pain patients. I contacted them many years ago when I was cut off by a heartless doctor. And you are right on about the DEA – they don’t want to risk getting killed or hurt by the real criminals so they go after defenseless people and the few doctors who are good enough to try to help. That way they can pretend to be doing something so the public doesn’t question them too much on the complete and utter failure of the endless war on drugs

    • TRUST ME HE IS!!!! I have contacted Fox all our local channels in Nashville Bless her heart Carla was worried this was going to happen to me which i could be right behind her I had 1 heart attack years ago an I Have lupus an its effecting my kidneys an I literally deal once a week with kidney stones e with tylenol I literally stopped going to all docs I am pissed mad my life has changed DRASTICALLY this last year!!!

  6. What our Govt is causing from this INHUMANE ACTION against Pain Pts and our Drs is CRUEL DISQUSTING and Plan Murder!!

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