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  1. maryw M, Someone should start collecting what we know of Medical Corruption in the different states. What we find out could be useful.

  2. I have suffered withCP for 17 yrs now and I cna tell you it is the most painful thing I ave ever experienced, natural childbirth is a walk n the park in comparrison! It is BARBARIC to let ANYONE suffer in intense pain like this. Mayeb we need to start suiing for neglect of care. I need surgery and I am too afraid to have it, afraid they will let me lay in severe pain. I have never seen medical staff treat people so poorly in allmy life. I have no respect for these people who think they are God and it is okay to allow the suffering of th e sick & elderly!

  3. WHO has the power to influence all of health care like this and so fast? “The Arrester”, the “Chargers”, the U.S. Attorneys General. Police State? YES!

  4. OMFG,,,R U KIDDING ME!!!!HAVING GONE THRU THIS FOR ALMOST 20 YEARS,, just recently discovered,,gallbladder,,and I quote,”looked like a dam gravel pit,FULL,, of stones,,lipase at 1600,,and being called a liar for the 15 years prior to this discovery,,A liar about my complaint of severe upper gastric pain,,THORACIC spinal tumors,,SURGERY’ THAT NEVER HEALED,DERMAL LEAK Headaches,..LOWER LEFT LOBE COLLAPSE ,,a 20 year miss,,,by a pain management doctor,,,AND mayo clinic,Rochester,,,They are now BLAMING THE WHOLE THING ON ME,DELETING MEDICAL RECORDS ,,RE-DOING THE ULTRASOUNDS THAT WERE DONE THAT DISCOVER’D,all this w/someone elses name on them,,THE ONLY ULTRASOUNDS EVER DONE IN 20 YEARS WERE DONE 2 YEARS AGO,,thus given enough medicine for a hang nail…FORCED ENDUREMENT OF PANCREATITIS IS THEE MOST CRUEL,,INHUMANE TORTURE ONE COULD EXIST IN,,,thee1 and only time so far,,,that a 357 looked more humane,,then trying to exist,not being able to move,eat,breath cough,sneeze go potty w/out severe physical pain..A warm f——blanket,,,get a family member to START RECORDING,,,SUE THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF THEM,,,FOR FORCED ENDUREMENT OF FORCED PHYSICAL PAIN DUE TO PANCREATITS,,W/NO MEDS,,,,,IS TRUE TORTURE,CRUEL AND INHUMANE TREATMENT AND FAILURE TO ADHERE TO THE VERY BASIC MEDICAL STANDARDS,,,AND BY ALL MEANS,,,,GET THOSE RECORDS,,,BEFORE THEY DELETE THEM,CLAIMING,U WERE NEVRTHERE FOR PANCREATITS,,,,,GET THOSE RECORDS,,,WHO0EVER THIS IS,,,,FOR THEY WILL DISAPPEAR!!!FAILURE TO DIAGNOSE IS A HUGE LAWSUIT,,,maryw

    • Doctors, Pain Patients, Advocates and Caregivers, Family members, we need to get lawyers involved and start court actions against hospitals and higher up the food chain.
      As maryw M said: Get a lawyer and file an injunction against the hospital to compel them to treat her, or have her moved to a different facility.
      By all means talk to politicians!

      • Great idea. Call me when you find a lawyer or “civil rights org” that’ll take any case dealing with pain treatment or pain patients.

        I won’t be waiting breathlessly by the phone…

        Really, do you think that we haven’t tried to get lawyers involved??? Or talked to politicians? Not a reason to give up, & we’re still trying, but seriously, to imply that no one has thought of that or tried it is rather unreasonable.

        Robert Rose Jr, a disabled vet who had his meds yanked by the VA over 2 years ago, has been suing the VA on his own ever since. No attorney or org would have anything to do with him. He’s done an amazing job (like the Marine he is), and has also started a state-by-state project.

        • canarensis,

          My prayers for all people involved in this Chronic Pain Disaster.

          Everyone in the U.S., U.K, and Canada, Australia, should all be looking for lawyers to defend Pain Patients against hospitals, doctors and higher. “Civil Rights” is not the same as calling your family lawyer, usually a ‘general practitioner’ and asking him/her to file an Emergency Order to help your mother when she is in a dire condition.

          We shouldn’t stop trying to communicate with politicians, even though it seems like their mail has a special chute directly to the garbage can. The cries of people in horrible pain should reach God if not their cold, dead, genetically enhanced, or artificial hearts, perhaps filled with the blood of terrified children.

          One of the great heroes to rise to the service of fellow Veterans and Pain Patients is Robert D. Rose Jr. He has done a marvelous job on the #Starburst Lawsuit! Steve wrote an article about it. Everyone should sign in to the lawsuits which are already filed in twelve or so states.

          Robert wrote: “In our own way, we are revolting against tyrannical legislation targeting the weakest among us; the elderly, cancer patients, the disabled, and our warriors – our honored veterans. Instead of weapons of mass destruction, we are turning to the Judicial Branch to defend these sacred beliefs. In order to be victorious, each American must petition the Federal Courts to join every #Starburst complaint filed in each state to ban these laws & policies denying access to legitimate medical care in violation to our Constitutional Rights guaranteed through the ages by the blood and sweat of our men & women serving in our military forces.”


          We don’t have to pay anything but the postage to mail the letter via snail mail with your story about how you have been affected by the decrease or stopping of your (or your loved one’s) medications.

          The Judge returned a decision on the Suit in Washington State. Robert is altering the Motions to Join so that they will be more effective in the other states where the Suit has been filed.

          The United States’ Declaration of Independence speaks of government which has become toxic to it’s citizens.

          “all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. ”

          We need to pray earnestly that our government cease these hostilities against the men and women, brothers, sisters, wives and children, of our country.

          Full text of the Declaration of Independence, (well worth review):

      • Ohh I have thee original ultra sound,,and the 2 they re-did,,w/someone elses pancreas on it,,,They put my medical records on hold,,Not realizing the original had already been sent out to me,,,dahhhhhhhhhhh,,,,but here’s the rub,,,they NOW,, put security codes on all 3,,,it will cost me 500 a piece,,to have them digitally broke into,,,there is a word for it,,but it fails my memory right now..Linda,,I live in wisco,,,THEE MOST POLITICALLY CORRUPTED STATE,,RANKS 48TH FOR CORRUPTION,, our politician are funded by medical universities here ,,we have 3 medical colleges here,,Aint no-way they will eat their own kind here,,,but thank u for the info,,maryw

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