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  1. JMO,,,EXCELLENT PIECE OF WORK.C-50… strait to the point,,,and hopefully more factual data to come,,,to blow apart this bullshit opiates don’t work long term,,and make no misake that is a lie by liars,,,,Until we start seeing some VIDEO’S of any and every piece of research against the use of the medicine opiates,,,Every piece of research then is a lie by liars.Not torturing the pre-existing chronically medically ill,,needing the MEDICIE opiates to lessen their physical pain,,,is the humane proper correct way to move forward.
    ,,Like tht totally bias study out of kolodny stomping ground Minnesota,,,until there is a actual videos of that research,,,believe NOTHING!!!For again,,,truth too power ,,,to define/label anyone a addict is a OPINION,,,,,NOT A PROVEN MEDICAL FACT,,,,IE ,,A X-RAY SHOWS THE BROKEN LEG,,THUS PAINFUL,,,,,PLEASE SHOW ME WHERE ON THE HUMAN BODY IS THE PHYSICAL ,MEDICAL ,”BREAK,” for ADDICTION???,,,,NOT,,,NOT,,LABELLED BY MAN!!!IT IS NON-EXISTANT,,,NO-WHERE ON OUR BODIES,,CAN U PHYSICALLY SEE THE DESEASE/MEDICAL CONDITION OF ADDICTION,,,not ,, labelled by man,,,,Addiction is a opinion,,,anyone can thus ,’label” someone a addict,,,which now a days is common place for any overzealous shrinks who want that government grant,or to trump up data on addiction,,,thus liars,It is very in-humane and ,dangerous labelling for all who are truly medically ill being denied the medicine opiates to lessen physical pain,, ,,a lie that has the medically ill beinh deny them acess ti their medicines tha literally save their lives,,C-50 is doing a great job so far,,,trying to get the truths exposed,,,,THANK U,,, c-50,,,,for trying soooo hard to help the weakest in our society,to protect thoise that cannot protect themselves,,,which C-50 is doing,,,whilest the American Government doesthe complete opposite,,,thee American Government is literally tortureing and genociding all th chronic medically ill..No wonder why our founding fahers foresite dictacted that our branches of our military are design and authorized FULLY,, to protect th Constitutoin 1st and foremost,,,,,then the president,,,cause sometimes,,,the govrenmet truly are thee committers of tyranny,,,mary

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