Georgia: the state becomes everyone taking controlled substances their prescriber ?

Thank you to all that responded. I appreciate the advice .
The pharmacy we use is not a mom and pop but a large independent one. The letter that was given by the pharmacist to my friend mentioned not only the DEA but also pharmacy wholesalers not supplying to pharmacies with patients receiving opioids above the 90 mme. I have not heard of this component to the issues patients are facing. See the attached portion of the letter he was handed.
He has been with this pharmacy for close to 10 years. They have always been helpful and understanding.
I am just confused as to what the wholesalers role is in denying medications??
Has anyone else heard of this?

Apparently in Georgia the HIPAA covered pt medication information is made available to the Pharmacy board, DEA and numerous pharmacy wholesalers do “data mining” on this database.  Also apparently some entity in Georgia have decided that the CDC opiate dosing guidelines as “standard of care” and “best practices”. The above letter was handed to a pt when the pt’s opiate pain management meds were DENIED…

Someone needs to read the law that established the PMP in Georgia and see if this sort of data mining is authorized by that law… and if so then someone needs to hire a law firm because that may make it in conflict with the Americans with Disability Act and if there is a complimentary state ADA law as well.

The vast majority of pts being prescribed controlled meds… are dealing with subjective diseases… most of which would make these pts covered entities under the ADA law.

So does a state have the legal authority to pass a law that is in conflict with the ADA and does that make the state law – UNCONSTITUTIONAL. ?





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  1. I don’t usually say this but if it be the will of God, may they all burn in hell that made a woman suffer at the end of life like this! When my Mom was dying I saved some of my pills for her if she needed them, but so far Texas has not gone ape Shit crazy!!

  2. Far as I can tell, the ADA no longer applies to anyone with pain.

    And Georgia. Good ole Georgia. My mother died there, after weeks of unspeakable agony. She’d had her 6th relapse of leukemia, there was absolutely no question she was dying, but because some Georgia Jerks were getting high on Oxy* they decreed she must die endlessly screaming. They refused her anything but children’s liquid tylenol….even though in her last week or 10 days she was unable to swallow anything at all. I’m not sure I’ve been completely sane since having to watch that (& yes, she was on hospice care; they still refused to do anything at all).

    If it’s possible to wish a whole state to suffer the torments of Hell for an eternity, I sincerely wish it upon that one. And now Oregon, where I have the massive misfortune to live. Oh heck, make it the whole country: not one state has shown any sense or backbone in this latest sadistic propaganda blitz.

    *this was ’97, the first time folks got all hysterical about a manufactured “epidemic.”

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