The “new normal” … pain management post surgery ?

Just picked up my mom from the hospital. She had her appendix out, gallbladder out and a large cancerous mass in her colon removed. AND GUESS WHAT?! They sent her home with no pain medication. She is to take Tylenol if she has pain! I’m so angry!!! Right now she still has iv pain meds in her, but I’m sure she will be in a lot of pain once that wears off. What is wrong with these doctors and our medical system? I guess they think she will either overdose or become addicted if they give her prescription pain medications. If she is in agonizing pain, I will not let them treat my mother like this. I just don’t understand in what world that this is okay. This is inhuman treatment!!! Shame on the Wilkes-Barre General Hospital! Dr. Kline states that, we need to start calling out the people and places that treat patients with gross negligence. We need to stop with the silence. It’s just allowing these entities to continue treating patients in this way. I will no longer be silent!!!

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  1. This very reason will make people think twice about having surgery, and led to unnecessary suffering and death!!

    • exactly, I’m suppose to have 2 surgeries right now and I don’t think I can handle doing it without pain meds. So I’m putting off surgery.

  2. This is egregious
    Some people need pain medication!!

  3. Please consider posting a review on google and yelp with the hospital as well as the doctors. The doctors also need to be called out. It’s so unbelievably heartbreaking!

  4. Contact several attorneys.

  5. I got nucynta for Arthroscopic knee surgery that happened on Feb 28 2019

  6. WTF??!! Yeah, people have surgery to get pain meds. Opioid prescriptions are now at their lowest point in 15 years, but overdose deaths are at their highest in that same time. Cutting medications for legitimate pain patients has had no effect on addicts’ overdosing!

  7. They are murdering the disabled with chronic pain and torturing patients because idiot politicians can’t come up with effective drug policies and are scapegoating doctors. Who in turn are torturing and abandoning patients. A doctor at a pain clinic quit and left 400 patients stranded with no meds. The hospital would do nothing. This is barbaric.

  8. Sure, it’s totally reasonable to force the 99+% of acute pain patients into unspeakable suffering because of the less than 1% of patients who become addicted to pain meds from acute treatment [that is sarcasm, to be clear]. Most of that 1% have prior addiction issues.

    As a bonus, undertreatment of acute pain vastly increases the likelihood of it becoming chronic pain…thus the hysterical zealots are intentionally creating a new population of chronic pain sufferers to deny treatment to, thereby strengthening their moral fiber –which they obviously need. [also sarcasm]

    If the supposed medical professionals cared about facts & evidence any more, they could glance at a 2018 BMJ article on treatment of acute pain. It vividly demonstrates that the time of treatment is much more relevant to possibility of addiction than the amount of dosing ( Basically, you can treat the heck out of acute pain for a short period of time (2-3 weeks, which is about as long as most acute pain stays severe anyway) with nearly no likelihood of addiction, & thus drastically reduce the possibility of it becoming permanent pain. But we all know that mere facts are irrelevant these days. [alas, not sarcasm]

  9. The AGs and select investors woun’t get their payday if opiates appear in anyway as good for something, except suboxone of course. No they don’t care one bit.

  10. The new ab-normal is thee prescription of torture and genocide forced upon the medicaly ill because of Andrew KOLODNY WHOM NEVER ACTUALLY TREATED ANY W/TRUE PHYSICAL PAIN,OR EVER WORKED AT A PAIN CENTER,,,Along w/many others soooo full of themselves,,soo arrogant,,,they truly believe they have the right to decide for a fellow ADULT human being,,HOW much forced physical pain from a medical Condition they are to FORCIBLY ENDURE…Like I’VE said here and there,,,, hopefully some day very soon,,,these Hitler practicing enities will be brought up on the charges of torture,murder,genocide,torture for financial gain,Government employment for personal financial gain,behavior of a government hired employee unbecoming and unethical,abuse of power,trust and the publics trust.for personal financial gain, and violation of over 15,constitutional amendments’,,including practicing medicine and thee interference in medical decision, which is against he law,,maryw

    • We all need to refuse surgery unless the surgeon writes a script to fill before hand. Once their bank account drops some from not doing as many surgeries, they’ll either come to their sense and do right, or go bankrupt

      • Back in 2009 when I was preparing for my rotator cup surgery – cannot be coped without opiate I promise. The Dr gave me a prescription of Oxycodone 3 days before the surgery to be ready immediately after discharge. The therapy for rotator cup surgery is excruciating and might as well be GTMO torture if not medicated.

      • write the script & get it filled before surgery. The pharmacies have become doctors too now.

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