When a chronic pain wife gets her opiates cut off… what is a husband to do ?

Twin Lakes police captain accused of illegally removing prescription medication from department

Twin Lakes police captain accused of illegally removing prescription medication from department

TWIN LAKES — Captain Dennis Linn, the second in command at the Twin Lakes Police Department, was placed on administrative leave amid an investigation into allegations he illegally removed prescription medication from the department.

In 2016, Captain Linn was awarded for 20 years of service, and on Monday, Feb. 18, FOX6 confirmed the Twin Lakes Police Department, along with the Wisconsin Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) launched an investigation into allegations against him.

According to an affidavit, comments Linn made to a fellow detective in the evidence room raised “red flags.” Captain Linn told the fellow detective his wife was in “a lot of pain” and was recently cut off from her prescriptions by her doctor. This, as Linn and the detective processed medication collected through the “Drug Take Back Program.” The affidavit said the detective was about to leave to get supplies when Linn said “I wouldn’t leave me down here. I don’t want to be suspected of anything, especially after I just told you about my wife.”

The detective stayed in the room and soon alerted the police chief when she noticed a bottle of oxycodone hidden inside a small garbage can.

According to the affidavit, a body camera was placed in the evidence room, which recorded Linn picking out an item from the garbage can at the end of his shift. The camera picked up sounds of “pills rattling.”

A search warrant executed at Linn’s home revealed three empty Walgreens prescription bottles, one for oxycodone and two for hydrocodone. The names on the bottles did not match Linn’s name or that of his spouse.

Marijuana concentrates and six twisted tissues with black material were taken — found in garbage cans at his home, according to the affidavit.

FOX6 News knocked on the door at Linn’s home Monday. No one answered. He has not been charged with a crime at this point, but the police chief said the investigation is ongoing — including a separate, internal investigation into whether Linn violated any department policies or procedures.

Linn has been a full-time member of the Twin Lakes Police Department since 2002.

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  1. Something’s fishy here. I can’t imagine a cop would be so stupid to alert another cop to “baby-sit him while searching drugs”! Why would anyone do that?

    • Jan;
      I thought the same thing. I can see making a joke like that if he DIDN’T intend to take anything, but…??? Fishy indeed.

      If the guy did steal medication b/c the current insanity left his wife untreated, all I can say is, too bad all CPPs don’t have a spouse or someone similarly close to the evidence room. This whole national hysteria is so asinine & was started by such a venal, vile, evil wackjob; maybe if more ‘important’ people (i.e. high police officers, pols, etc) were affected, it wouldn’t have gone this far.

  2. Now Twin Lakes wisco,,,is down on the boarder of illinios/wisco…Kinda rural…But,,this incident proves what we all have been saying..The law is,, we must have our meds in the prescription bottle,,ALLLLLL OUR FEARS ARE,,, the cops take that bottle of your medicine,,,U WILL NEVER SEE IT AGAIN!!!!!AND THIS INCIDENT PROVES THAT FEAR TO BE TRUE……..I never carry my whole bottle of medicine w/me,,,ever,,,exactly because I know,,,cops will steal it,,,,obviously..Instead I take enough w/me to get home and back,,,another wards enough if we got pulled over,,i could swallow it,,cause I do not trust the cops to be honest about our medicines at all!!!,,,maryw

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