American Holocaust… war on pain pts ?

Why does America feel as if we are trapped in a time warp to Nazi-held Germany 1939? An American Holocaust and no one cares until it hits them in the face or happens to a loved one. TWELVE HEROES in TWELVE STATES are fighting for your freedoms & Constitutional Rights with #Starburst lawsuit filed in Federal Court. This video explains the horrors facing America today, our children and future generations. This is not the America I enlisted in the Marines to defend. Will you spare a few minutes to watch & comment? – Robert — Teufelshunde

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  1. This is great we need to stand up for our constitutional rights. How can i help

  2. I totally understand what he is saying and its just going to get worse. The title of this is just and fits with what is happening to us pain sufferers.

    Not at the time as much but after I started hearing the pain management doctors were so weak willed and under the thumb of the DEA/FDA they were performing unnecessary procedures did I think about these that were being done on me that no one not even Kaiser said would do any good because of the evasiveness of the blocks, possibility to cause more pain, and the widespread damage I have internally isn’t treatable. Also, diagnosing the book at me of problems so they could justify the pain medication.

    My pain management doctor was doing these stupid nerve blocks on area he knew were not the problem area. I asked how will this help. He said we need to try and see the results. I kept asking exactly how will this reach deep into my abdomen and in any way reach the damage that causes my most chronic pain that spans from the upper right all my organs covered with neurosis, scar tissues, fat and adhesion, down and across my belly. I couldn’t get a answer that made any sense. So I researched these.

    Its real simple. I’m suffering from a massive bile leak that lasted 48 hours and nearly sealed up my entire abdomen with walls of scar tissue, all my organs and it hurts, its a known fact the live when covered in fat and scar tissue hurt, well what about a pancreas that is shrinking because of it be smothered in scar tissue and fat. Why all this bull-Sh1t excuses instead of the one simple reason for my pain and leave me alone. I can only imagine all the people getting unnecessary nerve blocks and implants to satisfy the DEA/FDA and the Dr’s fear of them.

    64486 TAP block unilateral by injection(s) 10/29/2018
    76942 Ultrasonic guidance for needle placement 10/29/2018
    none SPRCOPA Opioid Agreement 10/29/2018
    Procedure 99244 Office consultation, new or established patient, level 4 10/17/2018
    none SPRCOPA Opioid Agreement 10/17/2018
    Test 76942 Ultrasonic guidance for needle placement 10/8/2018
    Procedure 64450 Injection, anesthetic agent; other peripheral nerve or branch 10/8

    09/05/2018 Chronic pain syndrome
    09/05/2018 Chronic pancreatitis
    09/07/2018 Ilioinguinal nerve mononeuropathy
    09/07/2018 Generalized abdominal pain
    09/07/2018 Iliohypogastric nerve mononeuropathy
    09/07/2018 Mononeuritis, unspecified site

  3. Robert Rose has perfectly summer up what’s happening to our nation and the Pain Community! I still am confused as how to file, but I think he explained this on his original video. I get so discouraged because there are too many things to do. I’m still trying to compose my comments for the Oregon Task Force before deadline of March 4, and my comments for Federal Docket on Best Practices before the end of March.

    I have CRPS, and care for my 91 yr old mother who has dementia. My brain is fogged up like Robert’s and the days go by so fast. I only have one good day (Day 2 of Patch). I’m sorry if I sound like a whiner.

    I will do what Robert asks, because it’s too important not to. I appeal to everyone to join us. And if you have faith, please pray for us and this project. Thanks

  4. Like hell we aren’t prisoners! We;ve all been herded into “pain management” centers like the Jews in 1940. This is nationwide, county, by county, just like Nazi Germany.

    Next we’re forced, coerced, extorted into undergoing dangerous and risky procedures that cost thousands or they will withhold medicine.

  5. We are being tortured by our government, federal and state, and our insurance companies. Why don’t you Carr?! Help us stop this now, before YOU become one of us!

  6. ROBERT ROSE JR IS AWESOME!! We need to support him all we can! He’s fighting an incredible fight on his own.

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