The worst CVS pharmacy is the one I work at

Let me start out by saying that I’m the lead tech at a store in a college town and have worked as a tech for 4 years. My store has, in the past year and a half both of our pharmacists quit (we only have 2) then got a new staff pharmacist in and a Pharmacy manager until after 6 months our pharmacy manager quit. For the past 9 months we have had an interim pharmacy manager, who was only supposed to be here 3 months, and the pharmacist who was supposed to replace him quit after 3 days. A few months later a pharmacist from out of state was going to take over, he quit after his 5th day. 3 techs have transferred in and ALSO QUIT getting better jobs on campus.

Not only are employees treated as disposable but patients are pretty much shit on with how our district leader wants us to treat them. We are supposed to turn on text messaging, script sync, and readyfill even after the patients decline it. Want off PCQ calls? Too bad. I’ll be calling every weekend until you wise up and go to a better pharmacy. Have Caremark insurance and can’t go anywhere else? Lube is in aisle 11.

We already have horrible customer service as we at max have 2 techs at a time for 5 hours. Opening and closing is done by one tech. Every day there is a line of people in drive through, in store picking up and dropping off and 3 PHARMACY CALLS. The wait time we tell people is an hour, 2 hours for C2s and if we are transferring from another pharmacy it’s 24 hours.

When people complain we are not allowed to tell them we are understaffed and busy.

Our interim pharmacy manager is about to jump ship and I will be too after I graduate. Really hope one day CVS goes bankrupt as a corporation.

If my district leader is reading this, sincerely go fuck yourself.

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