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  1. Term limitation is expressly written into the Constitution for the office of President of the USA. The framers of the Constitution have possibly not considered the corruption that can come with an undefined limitation of time “served'[ as an elected member of each state in Washington DC and the peoples’ will regarding an issue that the elected state member should address according to the majority of the people represented. The likelihood of each representative to undermine her or his career is not going to happen in a vote among each states elected representative to limit…..their terms when it is not in their best monetary consideration. Each elected official would rather take their own chance on being re-elected and if they have served the people that elected them well, chances are they will be re- elected. Memories of the voters are short and that IS what the elect count on if they are listening to lobbyists. Of course it may take more than one or even two terms to adjust and get a feel for what needs take place in the form of lawmaking to form bills with the peoples true needs being addressed to make every dollar work as hard for we the taxpayers as well as can be expected. The elected representatives of the house and senate should take lessons from the few remaining volunteer firefighter organizations and first responders from rural organizations from the active firefighters and first responders to the un monitized boards that govern the different volunteer organizations to LEARN how well they work together to accomplish necessary emergency operations that harm…..no one but, in fact immediately, professionally ( through training of each members own willingness to sacrifice time, monetary losses, valued family togetherness, and simple compassion to help others in their times of need). Professional state representation can not but help to corrupt those that believe in lifetime politicians. If a person decides to run for office to represent their voters and peoples states’ interest, let them do so without compensation. It is done by volunteer firefighters and first responders as well as other volunteers all across America to this day. Why should paid for life politicians even be an issue. It IS corrupt in nature or the very elect would vote to stop career politicians without any consideration. I realize that it will most likely NEVER happen, too much money to be gained and lost if lobbyists were not pulling their strings .I SERVED 14 years as a 100 percent VOLUNTEER firefighter very often responding to danger without personal concern, relying on training which we were NOT compensated for and I enjoyed every minute of it and it will always be an important part of my reflection on life. Still “Waters” (Maxine) run deep!

  2. Trump met with lobbyists from big pharma, early on, and failed or declined to negotiate for cheaper pricing for Medicare part D drug plans, which was absolutely not in line with campaign promises, but 80K families going without pay for 4 long weeks to date, with no end in sight, because his “wall” isn’t going to be built and Mexico, nor American tax payers, are willing to fund THAT foolish promise. Americans frequently feeling forced to choose between food and medication is a real crisis, not a manufactured one, as with our border. I normally wouldn’t be political in my comments on what you choose to share, but since you are bringing your politics into the discourse more often, I decided to as well. I’m glad we took your advice and “voted the bums out”, and perhaps in 2020, we’ll have gotten them all out, before they succeed in taking affordable health care away from 20 million newly insured and those who have pre existing conditions, that the right has fought so hard to do. I mean, they have already killed the funding source and have gotten the ACA deemed unconstitutional in its entirety, in the lower courts. Hopefully, that will be overturned on appeal or the COST of medication will be the least of our woes, since you have to have access to healthcare to obtain a Rx in the first place.

    • Most people don’t realized that all of the Part D prgms are FOR PROFIT PRIVATE INSURANCE COMPANIES and the prices are “negotiated” by the PBM (Prescription benefit managers) and WV just cancelled their Medicaid contract with a PBM and the state SAVE 30 MILLION in 2017 http://www.pharmaciststeve.com/?p=28492 From news reports CVS/Caremark seems to be the worse offender… at least they have been called out in Arkansas and Ohio. The Feds cannot do anything about what the Pharma’s charge for their meds. suggest you read this http://www.pharmaciststeve.com/?p=28492

  3. This is happening with many of our representatives all over the country No surprise just the world we live in

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