He is in jail.. he had put a photo of the DEA agents on his computer… the DEA agents.. in mortal danger of their lives

Doc, my son, has been in jail snce June 26, 2018. He will have to remain there until August of 2019, when the trial will begin. The DEA raided his office, his home and my home and stole jewellery of mine, without leaving a receipt. I consider them nothing but thieves, low life’s and liars. He is in jail, not because of any false charges they came up with, but because he had put a photo of the DEA agents on his computer to find out who had been telling the pharmacists he was under investigation. They, the DEA agent, convinced the judge that because doc had this photo of them, they were in mortal danger of their lives. It’s sickening how they lie and twist everything to suit themselves. The main reason for the raid I am convinced was to take all llhis assets, which they did, and left him with no assets to even hire a lawyer. Of course, this was intentional on their part, so that they may have a so called legal interest in clearing out his bank and investment account. The first thing on DEA web site that is what they are after is asset forfeiture. It is they who should be serving time in jail for theft.



Maybe this is why the DEA runs want ads like this:

Forfeiture Financial Specialist Supporting the DEA

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  1. I read his mom’s comment the other day, which made me google him and read about what was going on. This is another doctor who was targeted by the DEA. He was great about speaking on behalf of the chronic pain community. While I wasn’t surprised the DEA did this (as they have been doing this to many great doctors who have been speaking out about this), I was flabbergasted about the part where his bail was denied simply because he had pics of the DEA agents on his computer. We are now living in a nation where one can be jailed when they have not even broken any laws. The thought-police are alive and well in Amerika.

  2. this should surprise no one,the DEA agent’s are nothing more than a lawless terror group bent on stripping assets from innocent doctors, they will lie, twist facts, CONFUSE THE ISSUE, they will do anything they can to convict and strip.

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