The lawsuits on cpp’s behalf are being filed!

The lawsuits on cpp’s behalf are being filed! The cost to add your name to the suit is a postage stamp!! We need numbers! You are encouraged to cross-file with other states that have a file# even though you do not live in that state. Steve Ariens, if you could kindly share this information. Unity is “key”. Thank-you sir. More states will be filing as the days go by.

If you are a chronic pain patient and you are losing life-saving medications and would like to join the lawsuit…here you go! Ok friends, I’ve heard back from Robert regarding how to join the lawsuit. The instructions are as follows:

Go to
Click on Find Out More, then
Click on Motion to Join.
The states are represented by their state’s flag 🇺🇸
Follow the instructions on the page
Fill out the paperwork
Please join ALL states, so that we can get to the forty people needed for a class action lawsuit.
Drop the finalized paperwork in the mail.

We do not have to go to any courthouses to join any of the lawsuits. It’s that simple. No money is necessary.

If you have any questions, let me know! I will find the help you need!

Thanks to everyone, and please remember to try to spread the word to all of the other states that have yet to file. If we get to 34 states filing, the law is automatically overturned. That’s our ultimate goal.

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  1. You will need to go to his website and ask him because I’m not sure.

  2. Yes I’m in !! I’m tired of trying to be happy when I’m in pain.

  3. Can I file on behalf of 17 year old little dog, who was forced to suffer after falling off our deck (9 to 10 ft) a few months ago? The impact knocked one of her teeth loose where it was dangling from her mouth and fractured her pelvic bone (verified by x-rays at our vet of many years). She could not even stand on her back legs long enough to use the bathroom. He sent her home with some doggie anti-inflammatories (did nothing for her pain btw) and NOTHING ELSE for pain, even though she was clearly suffering. I ended up having to give her some of my tramadol (properly dosed for a dog of her size and weight – she had taken this many years prior when she was spayed). We ended up having to have her euthanized the next day due to the quality of her life. (To be fair, we had been struggling with that decision for the past few months. This just escalated the process, which to this day still affects me). I did contact the ASPCA, American Humane Society, my state chapter of the Humane Society and my state board of veterinarians. (I haven’t heard back from them).

  4. I would like to add my name but when I clicked on my state which is WA, before they will give you the info ey want access to your files and photos! I have a problem with this. Little invasion of privacy. How can you join without doing this?

    • Are you using a tablet or call phone ect to attempt to access the motion to join on his website ? When I did this using my computer it did NOT ask any access, But when I tried it using my daughters tablet the app that opened it did ask for that info.

    • That is a good point: before releasing that kind of information people should have legal protection… I bet most people wouldnt mind giving info up as long as it does not become public knowledge, e.g., I think most pee would qhve trouble with a potential employer go ogling you as a candidate and finding mris/xray/MD reports tha the might see as a liability in a new hire.

      Do the lawyers involved offer people legal guarantee their information remains confidential?

      • You are not releasing your personal information to the public and medical records are NEVER public documents. HUGE HIPPA violation. Go to the website sickofsuffering and ask Robert about an attorney because as far as I know, everyone is filing pro se (on our own, so no attorney is involved – it’s not necessary to have an attorney). Goodluck and remember, we are trying to get the laws changed!! This is how we do it but we need a lot more people to join the class action or it won’t qualify as a class action (need 40 people).

        • Spread this around to any pain groups you are in. I can post this to several groups and that numbers about 30,000 people alone in the groups I am in and moderate, BUT, there are a LOT more! so get busy!

  5. I applaud what you are doing. However, I have questions. I don’t want to seem like I am throwing ice water on your suits–far from it! But as a cpp, I have listened to other cpp’s. I am aware of their beliefs, understanding of law, and what they think happens if they sue. My concern is that they understand what they are doing by participating in this movement, not to discourage them, but because they deserve all the information and you deserve to not deal with what happens if they feel misled. Do they understand that they are participating in a class action suit in order to make a political statement? Do they understand what “pro se” means? Do they understand there is no projection of damages to be awarded at this time? Do they understand that if an attorney gets involved later, they might be asked for money? Do they understand that in the future, if they choose to sue and are asked if they have participated in prior lawsuits, they must answer “yes”? I encourage you to post an FAQ page with answers to these questions. Thank you.

    • FAQ is a good idea so thanks for mentioning that. I’m so interested in your take on what “other cpps beliefs are”, their “understanding of the law and what they think happens when they sue.”.

      As a long time cpp, I’m 100% on board to be a part of any and all law suits aimed at US Federal government agencies including the CDC, DEA, FDA plus members of the potus administration & I do mean everyone from former attorney general, John “take an aspirin & deal with it” Sessions to the president and everyone in between. Our state representatives including Medicare & Medicaid. Private insurance companies who’re currently dictating how many milligrams of pain medicine they’ll allow(pay for)per day if at all.

      I’m a 58 year old female afflicted with Interstitial Cystitis & endometriosis. My bladder/urethral pain began at age 12 & then at 13, horrific ovarian pelvic pain came along. I went thru hell undergoing excruciating experimental “treatments”.
      There were periods of remission until age 30 when it became relentless, chronic & completely unmanageable. Again I endured painful treatments etc… Finally at the age of 35, my urologist kindly referred me to something called pain management specialist. For more than 25 years, I got excellent pain relief from a long acting morphine medication. I enjoyed raising 2 boys, had a great job I excelled at. I was able to take proper care of my family and home. We moved twice during those years but I always had good pain control. That’s not to say it was easy because it was not. There were drug screens, sarcastic remarks by pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, drs office reception staff & the list goes on.

      I think it was December 2013 when I arrived for my regular appt with my pain specialist. I went in and was handed a copy of a letter from the CDC detailing their suggested guidelines. Oh my Dr took the letter VERY seriously. The following month my meds were cut by half & the month after that I was given a final prescription of a for a very small amount of vicoden(or something similar. My Dr closed his office and since then I’ve been thru hell, had to quit the job I love because no drs want to take on another patient with history of good pain control with opioids. I’ve been called a drug addict. The CDC took away any quality of life I had.

      Those responsible for reporting false information MUST be sued.

      Citizens can’t be expected to endure procedures, surgeries or chronic pain without proper medicines to cover pain! It’s absolute bullshit!
      It’s ok to push poisonous alcohol on the people but not proper opioid medication for legitimate pain? Hell no!

      There’s nothing left to take from me. I’m hanging by a thread.

      • This is about getting information out! And, I am on the warpath on Walgreens. Do you know how many times they have been busted??? pill mills in FLA, selling fraudulent supplements ( cinnamon capsules were 98% sawdust) , they partnered with Elizabeth Holmes on her blood testing kits and they are in a mess over that, and never mind they are the worst when it comes to CPP’s. I would not use Walgreens if I was dying in the middle of the street. it is about getting the word out to as many people and organizations as we can. This is a means to an end, re- the “opioid crisis”.

    • While you make some good points, I would like to point out that I’ve been involved in several class action suits (as a consumer of the company being sued during that time frame, I was included simply because I didn’t opt out), and I was never, ever asked to pay a single penny! The only people who paid in Operation Starburst were those who filed the initial suits in their respective states and they paid filing fees. To join the class action, it costs nothing and operation starburst isn’t about collecting a large amount of money (although I suppose that could happen down the road). It’s about stopping the violations of our constitutional rights!

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