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  1. It is a rigged game, and too many Doctor’s are gambling with our lives in the most dangerous of ways.
    The chronic pain patients who are suffering needlessly because Doctor’s are judging the behavior of a knowledgable vetted patient. Especially those of Us who have prior experience in how they respond to any & all treatment for their issues.

    Their are far too many in this Nation suffering, and far too many will resort to suicide before they live 1 more day suffering from an incurable chronic unmanaged pain or Disease.
    Where is the compassion,
    Especially if a patient has a full and complete account of their medical records and imaging to support their issues & can present their plight.

    The facts and evidence of a patients reason for asking a Doctor for help should far outweigh the basic drug seeker attitude you displayed with such disrepect you have shown in this funny & childish video you made, no one is impressed. You stamer & stutter through the entire video. You appear as odd as the people you makenfun of throughout this sad display from a Licensed Medical Professional.

    Shame on you, and shame on all MD’s and Clinicians who subscribe to his point of view in relation to People in pain.
    Again, the medical evidence a patient presents should outweigh any personal perseption.
    As a Patient who has suffered with several medical conditions that are incurable, I say;
    Give us the answers as what we as patients are to say to a Pain Management Physician or Clinician so we will know the best way to communicate with You in Medicine in lieu of your demeaning speech that is so offensive.
    We are left defenseless against all who call themselves healers. You took an oath in regards to caring for all humanity, not eliminating the sick, poor and most vulnerable people in the world. Again, Shame on you Sir. You are the problem with the entire medical profession in regards to pain & suffering of over 100 million Americans, and the 10 million who have incurable chronic pain.

    You need to find a new profession if you have so little regard for your fellow man.
    This little video is a sad joke, and you did so publicly. Now everyone in the World is laughing at You, and worse still knows what you look like, as well as your name.

    You are a disgrace to the profession.

  2. He is right,,,we all knew It was rigged,,,and illegal,,barbaric,cruel ,inhumane,torture and MURDER,,,mryw

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