Judge dismisses opioid crisis lawsuits against drug makers

Judge dismisses opioid crisis lawsuits against drug makers


HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) – A Connecticut judge has dismissed lawsuits against Purdue Pharma and other drug makers brought by 37 cities and towns in the state that blame the companies for the opioid crisis and sought to recoup millions of dollars spent responding to the crisis.

Judge Thomas Moukawsher in Hartford ruled Tuesday that the lawsuits were not allowed because they were not filed as government enforcement actions authorized by state public interest laws.

Lawyers for several municipalities said appeals are being considered. Bridgeport, New Haven and Waterbury are among the plaintiffs.

Purdue Pharma officials said the judge was right to conclude opioid manufacturers cannot be held responsible to municipalities for indirect harms from the opioid crisis.

More than 1,000 lawsuits against opioid makers by state and local governments remain pending nationwide.


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  1. I think this is great. Those pills didn’t get in those people’s systems by themselves. It’s time for people to start taking some accountability for their actions. I think this will only strengthen operation#Starburst efforts in court which will pave the way to the lawsuits against those whose really to blame for the phony opioid crisis. The individuals at the CDC that wrote the guidelines. Including kolodny. He’s going to prison. Hopefully forever.

  2. Awesome ruling,,seriously,,these pharma’s should of never been charged w/1 thing,,People are adults,,informed consent needs to get re=applied to medicine,,and in our court rooms,,for it works,,along w/1,000 other things Andrew kolodny has taken away from medicine,,,,,U know think about this lunatic kolodny 4 ,1 second,,,,This socio-psychopath put on twitter,”,our suicides have nothing to do w.his agenda of forced physical pain,”,,Now thereis a humane responds to all our use of death to stop our torture from FORCED PHYSICAL PAIN,he has created, but think about what he has done to medicine,,He has taken away our doctors ability to be humane,to stop the torture of forced physical pain from medical illness,,Kolodny has taken that right,that right for humane treatment away from our doctors ability to treat us humanely onto the medically ill,,If that is not the true essence of evil,,to take away humanities ability to be humane towards the sick and the dieing,,,then tell me,,what worse act could be deemed the essence of evil???For me, kolodny going after everyone who’s goal was to stop the agony,the torture from physical pain from a medical condition,by taking away the medicine,the doctors ability to be doctors and stop the agony from a medical illness,,he truly represents to me,,the essence of evil,,the pure representation of what a evil man does.By sueing the companies who make the medicines to lessen the torture of physical pain onto the human body,,he sentence a entire population of mankind to the agony of torture,for being medically ill,,,he truly is a socio-psycopath and THANK GOODNESS this judge has stopped him from perpetrating his cruelty in this case onto more of our population..
    When u take away the right for mankind’s ability to be humane,,like kolodyn has,,u have taken away what it means to be a decent good contributing member of our entire civilization,,,U have taken away what it means to be a good humane civilized society and human being,and that is not something anyone should ever take away from mankind,,,for it leaves us to function,relate to each other w/ only cruelity,,and that is something i am not willing to do,JMO,,Human decency must remain at the forefront as the goal of our good decent humane society,,,,FORE GOING BACKWORD AS BARBAICS…AS KOLDNY HAS TAKEN US,,,IS JUST WRONG,CRUEL AND INHUMANE and ignorance,,jmo,,mary,

  3. These meds are FDA approved. Doesnt that mean anything?

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