I called Walgreens mail order… they were stopping the methadone just like that.. it is not for a cancer pt

My name is Mary  and I am a stage 4 cancer patient. In 2007 I was Diagnosed with a primary Pertinal cancer,Stage 3 C ,Primary colon cancer,stage3 ,2005 Back fusion L 4 L5 S1. I have had 8 lower bow Blockages,1 of them had to have surgery,,Then I had a nother open surgery and lost my spleen ,and a nother to take half of my Pancreas,I have had 7 open Abdominal cancer surgerys.I pay 1638 dollars for my helth care. In 2007 I was put on Methadone and 1 or2 Oxy Codeine for Chronic pain,I had to try 8 drugs stores when I moved down to find one that would help me.My blue cross has been paying for my meds ,I have been on methadone since 2007 as it is one of the cheapest pain pills and one that has really work.Last month I was waiting for my medicine and it never came and I only take 1 for times a day total 40 mg.I called Walgreens mail order.I told them I only had 4 left and they said that they were stopping the methadone just like that, I went to CVS and ask the Pharmacist.if I could just stop methadone and she told me no way,Now my nose was running,I had the chills, sweeting, a severe body ache, Now my hole body is going thought a great deal of pain,I went 13 days with out my Methadone.My Doctor told them that they were to order the medication and were told that it is not for a cancer pt.and try something else,so he appealed it and they said no,I was in so much pain I called a Detox unit,and two doctor looked and my Medical history and was told that they cant beleave that they did this with my medical promblem and I should call a lawer.I called my Doctor and told them that I am going thought Servira pain, Sweating Profusely,and they called and told them that I need it now.After 2 weeks I got a Prescription from Walgreens but I had to pay cash for it and it was a one time deal,I would love to start a class action suit for all the cancer patients that have to go though this.Thank you for any help that you can ghb I’ve me.If a Doctor gives a cancer medication I should not have to be look at as a drug addict,and run from one drug store to another and another,This is not right



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  1. This same thing happened to me and let me tell you Methadone withdrawal is nothing to play with. I am lucky to be alive. If anyone finds a lawyer willing to take this on please let me know

  2. Does anyone know of an attorney willing/able to lead a lawsuit in the Orlando,Fla.area?Hopefully one already involved…if so,pls.contact aalligood204@gmail.com.Dont need to lv.your name,just legal advice if you have any.Thank you in advance.This persons story I just read has to be the absoleute worst one yet!It gave me an amazing amount of anxiety.I just ended 3 days of the same,and JUST out of the hospital surgery myself.I dont ever want to experience those 3 days again.I am amazed this person did not self administer a gun!!Too scared to fumble the attempt,as am I.God have mercy.

  3. This makes me so angry!! When are these people going to be help accountable? How many more are going to have to die??

  4. I can’t find a local pharmacy within an hour drive of my home. I use CVS over the mail express scripts. Happy I even had a choice. The older and really good pharmacist at CVS retired at 53; he, said he was grateful for sound investments and the ability to be able to walk away.

  5. If the writer is interested in a class action suite, talk to John Flannery, an attorney in Leesburg, VA. He is willing to lead class action suites for patients or doctors.

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