Attention Missouri Pain Patients

Attention Missouri Pain Patients

We are in need of YOUR personal story. Please email to…

What’s needed? We need to know what is happening in your pain control lives. These are some ideas.

• Are you still receiving pain meds?

• Have your pain meds been cut or threatened? If so, why?

• Has your original dr retired, quit prescribing, referred you to pain management or expressed concern or fear from government and/or employers?

• Did you sign a Pain contract?

• Are you periodically drug tested? Any problems with this?

• Has your insurance or pharmacy given you problems?

• Have you lost quality of your life?

• Have you contacted your elected officials?

• Do you have a loved one that also has problems with pain control?

• Have you had problems post surgery or injury?

• Have you been flagged as a dr shopper? Has this caused you problems?

• Has anyone you know taken their life, or have you thought about it? And why?

• Describe your pain and what pain control does for you?

• Include any additional information.

Please include your name, address and phone number.

If you want to remain anonymous, you may, just please provide what district in MO you reside (and the email should state that you want to remain anonymous). You can look up your district and state Representative and state Senator at the bottom of the page. Please try NOT to be anonymous, if possible. Elected officials need to understand we are REAL and problems are happening in MO.

Please share this with other people from Missouri because we want as many true stories to come in so that our elected officials hear our voices.

This is a pivotal time in this state and country. Currently, MO is the last state to not have a fully functioning PDMP (prescription drug monitoring program). But, it is being added to many counties. A flagging system is in place too. Also, elected officials are saying they are NOT hearing from us. So, they do not think the changes they are making are affecting us. So, now is your time to make a difference.

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