Dog in Illinois requires pain pills for horrific mange infection, rescue center says

Dog in Illinois requires pain pills for horrific mange infection, rescue center says

A rescue center in Monmouth, Illinois, claims a dog with a severe case of mange requires pain pills to manage the agonizing skin infection.

The dog, named Mickey, and his companion, Missy, are two recent additions to Wair Rescue. Both were found covered in mange, which is caused by parasitic mites.

But for Mickey, “it’s the worst we’ve ever seen, and the worst the vet has ever seen,” Dan Porter, president of Wair Rescue, told Fox 6.

“He’s literally bleeding from his skin,” he added.

Porter claims the dog requires a pain pill prescription to manage the infection.

On Facebook, the group wrote Mickey “barely has a spot you can pet him that he doesn’t hurt.”

“These dogs would not have survived at the county animal control,” Porter said of Mickey and Missy, possibly red heelers. “It’s not that they don’t care, they just don’t have the around the clock support that we do.”

That said, Mickey is expected to recover in full after a couple of months of medical treatment.

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  1. Arent the feds terrified the dog may become ‘addicted’or maybe sell the pills on the street?

  2. Our pets, especially canine and feline friends are a very important part of our families in many homes. I have never had a pet that developed painful medical issues and simply denied them of compassionate, humane care. Our veterinarians are “allowed” to prescribe pain management medications in some form still thank God but, have our “leaders” , the “experts” in the medical care field , the “policy” makers actually come to believe that less effective medication, opiate medication as THE last resort is some how better for every patient regardless of patient history and they know best? Or, does “follow the money” expenditures take precedence over quality care of pain management with effective medication? A few years ago it was VERY lucrative for a physician to prescribe expensive opiate medication, the newest, safest, best….medication for patients in distress from known pain generating disease, injury and physician “mishaps”. I can find little fault in our doctors though. They prescribed what the pharmaceutical companies had managed to get approved as their “best”, safest, abuse deterrent, opioid medication through rigorous “justification” of dot/gov agencies the “right” to manufacture and sell their product. In prior years life saving, enabling opiate medication medication has went through a few metamorphosis’. “Tamper proof”, “abuse deterrent” medication (at a high price) medication was introduced to the market and physicians truly believed that along with caring for their patients a windfall was possible. Not all physicians but many. The act of setting a maximum dosage of “morphine equivalent” medication for one and all is simply ludicrous. Pain is complex yet there are comparatively inexpensively manufactured medications that can still be prescribed by our doctors, used responsibly by pain management patients that cCAN be effective for one and all. Choice is no longer an option though and our “experts” are guilty at least in my mind of a more complex goal. MONEY saved. Rather than let my pet suffer with a treatable affliction causing pain, I choose to help my pets have the most pain free life from birth to death WITH medication when appropriate. What about us?

  3. I suppose that means dogs are more worthy of pain medicine than humans. This is a sad day in the USA

  4. Sooo…did the poor dog get his pain meds? If so, not sure I get how this is major news, other than the national hysteria. My dog gets horrendous back pain attacks & needs pain pills for it (& so far, gets them, thank God). Is that news?

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