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02/05/2013  I am bumping this up to the head of the posting… Pharmacists are starting to contact me and the attorneys… They are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore … It will take as many as possible to row this boat.. Many of you have two write ups already… YOU ARE ON THE BUBBLE… In case you haven’t noticed… the process is very systematic… you can be pro-active or retro active… if you are >40… you are in the targeted group to be thrown under the bus. They want you to coward in the corner, they want you to be paranoid about the “snitch techs”.. They want you to be so demoralized… that you just lie there and take it..  Even a animal will strike back if being beaten…  You do realize that your psyche is being treated like a punching bag ? Is PTSD … that far away…  or are you already there ? QUIT WHINING … DO SOMETHING… THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING… AND THEY ARE GOING TO BE DOING IT TO YOU !


Back in June… I posted a blog I AM STARTING TO  HEAR WAR DRUMS

Because of my blog and my tendency to be a tad bit outspoken.. I am contacted by RPH’s across the country.. sharing with me the problems they are having with a particular chain.. Some are worse than others… but.. the difference between them is not all that great.. Does it really make much different how much of a apple is rotten.. it just needs to be thrown out.

All Pharmacists are under attack … especially Senior Pharmacists… doesn’t matter what age you are now.. you will eventually be a Senior RPH..

There are three law firms on the east coast that are filing a law suit against CVS.. one particular RPH… has both a back bone and some balls… and is striking back at these tyrants. These law firms are working on a contingency basis – no up front money needed to talk to them.

There are RPH’s working for other chains that are doing the same thing to our beloved profession… some RPH’s have hired attorneys.. who have sent letters… stating that their client will not break laws and put patient’s health/well being at risk… and that retaliation against the RPH…will cause the chain some financial harm… It is illegal to fire any employee for refusing to break the law. So far, these letters have stopped the chain in their tracks.

If you are or know of a RPH that has been discharged or facing being discharged for nebulous reasons… these law firms are interested in talking to you.. regardless of what state you are in.. there are attorneys in other states where you live/work that will talk to these Pharmacist. The three law firms have contacts with law firms in all states that they can refer you to.

Eventually, all of  this is going to have some national media coverage. If you want to talk to one of these attorneys,… contact me… if you want to talk anonymously to a reporter and/or you have some damning memo/emails/ correspondence that you think that a reporter would be interested in… I can act as a go between..

This is not about me.. .this is not about you.. it is about our beloved profession.. if you are a newly minted RPH.. or a PharmD candidate… talk to some RPH’s that have been around a decade or longer and ask them.. how dramatically things have changed in the last decade… and not for the better… there seems to be no end to the demands of  ..”do more with less..” It is your license that is put on the line.. NOT THEIRS…

I have never heard of a corporate pharmacy having their permit yanked…when there is a med error in the Rx dept… can’t say the same for the RPH that made the mistake.. With the constant drumming of “do more with less”… it is just a matter of time before YOU make a serious med error. How are you going to pay off that large student debt, that Mc Mansion you live in, or that Lexus that you drive.. if you lose your license ?

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  1. Hey Pharmacist Steve, thank you for giving all pharmacists an “out” through your email and blog! Change will come to our profession! Too many business people are in charge if our profession and not us. We will take it back, one piece at a time. Again, thank you for your blog and voice. Great post.

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