what does this actually mean: “we do not choose to get involved with this issue at this time.”

We’ve also contacted every civil rights attorney & organization here in Oregon & across the country. Their answers have been, across the board, via phone, snail mail, email, & in person, “we do not choose to get involved with this issue at this time.”

There is a lot going on in Oregon, for those not paying attention that local bureaucrats are hell bent on taking away all opiate pain management … initially from Medicaid pts.

Could the above response from the various law firm be for several reasons:

  1.  those that have approached them, want them to take the case on … on a contingency basis and there is really no financial upside for a law firm in preventing laws, regulations, interpretations from being implemented.
  2. It will be easier to challenge the constitutionality of whatever they implement after the fact.. because then it gets into the court system and in theory they can get an injunction promptly upfront and then move on with challenging its constitutionality
  3.  They may never consider any of these actions because their is no financial upside to the law firm taking on such a legal challenge and until some group comes forward with a “boat load of $$$” to finance the legal challenge.

What we have seen over the last 2-3 yrs with these bureaucrats and their actions against chronic pain pts cannot be labeled as anything less than they are ZEALOTS.

From what I have read about the “going ons” in Oregon… these bureaucrats have their opinions and maybe they have reached the point where they believe that they are entitled to their opinions should actually be considered as FACTS.  Or they are basing their actions on “facts” from such entities like the CDC, which most realize that many are fabricated, embellished or just flat out lies.

Sooner or later… the chronic pain community is going to have to come to the conclusion that data/facts from some other entities than what the bureaucrats have formed their decisions from are most likely not going to be considered by the bureaucrats and they are going to move forward with their planned changes… they have devoted a lot of staffing time coming to their conclusions and perhaps no words or “other’s facts” are going to change their agenda and moving forward.

In the end, it may just boil down to the chronic pain community coming together FINANCIALLY and funding one or more law firms to challenge the constitutionality of what has been done against those suffering from chronic pain and their pain therapy is being reduced, stopped or not started in the first place to those new pts which are headed towards being a chronic pain pt.

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  1. From what Caylee told me, we will not be able to do anything until they pass it and then we’ll go after them for discrimination because it’s targeted at Medicaid. I’m taking to a lawyer friend of mine that’s a constitutional attorney. I’ll keep everyone posted in our group, Oregon Pain Action Group

  2. Steve– what’s especially maddening about the task farce & their disconnect from facts is the “fact” that in their OWN bibliography are numerous papers that SUPPORT the use of opioids in chronic pain. So not only are they ignoring outside facts, they do not pay attention to facts in the papers that they themselves claim to use to support their ideas. It’s beyond surreal.

    As for CPPs banding together to pay a bunch of money to attorney(s), that sounds great…except for the fact that I & most of the CPPs I’ve met are barely able to survive at the most minimal level due to being on a fixed income –& an insufficient one at that. I’d love to meet a CPP with lots of money.

    • They claim that 90% of the families are struggling financially either because one spouse can’t work, the “health spouse” has taken off or the cost of therapy is not affordable. BUT they claim that there is 100 million + chronic painers and just a SINGLE $5 donation from all .. .would created a HALF BILLION DOLLAR legal war chest. A non-profit would have to be created and a board of directors – all volunteers would have to be put together to manage the non profit… but… law firms would be beating a path to the door of the non-profit. One win and the law firms would be circling like vultures and wanting to get a “piece of the action” – on a contingency basis… and then the $$$ in the legal war chest could go after challenging the unconstitutionality of many of the law that are being using against the chronic pain community. Most of us has seen that producing valid data that contradicts the data that various bureaucracies are using is not producing positive results …. jut like signing petition, writing legislators and just about any other thing that you have seen put forward or done. They are using laws to deprive those in the chronic pain adequate pain management – which some consider a form of TORTURE… It may be a “pipe dream” that the chronic pain community actually comes together with some unity and move things forward. IMO.. over the next couple of years we are going to see a dramatic increase in suicides … but those in the chronic pain community seem to be too worried about their own individual issues to look at the bigger picture. how many will commit suicide or die from complications of their comorbidity issues for their losing their pain management ?

    • Definitely need one with lots of $$

  3. To be fair, it is not possible to file a lawsuit against something that has not yet happened.

    • Unfortunately, the universal lack of interest by attorneys on this matter has made it impossible to file suits against things that HAVE happened, such as thousands (millions?) of CPPs across the country who’ve already lost their meds. And a large chunk of patients in Oregon have already been cut off their pain meds as of 2016, when these zealots decided that back pain patients didn’t need opioids. They’ve done no follow-up studies at all to see how those patients fared, but they’re going ahead with expanding their experiment anyway…as I’ve said before, they have zero interest in any facts about their policies, or how the patients do upon losing their meds. They don’t give the teeniest crap how the policies actually affect the patients: they’ve decided it needs to be done, & by God, they’re gonna do it some more no matter what.

    • Mr.Brown,,,could u please explain your statement ,”not yet happened???Exactly what is it do u believe has not happened??maryw

  4. Honestly this looks exactly like Genocide. I’m sorry but it Does.
    Check out these video of what the elites have done to California!? And then think about the situation the pain Community is going through.



    How can we explain these?
    Watch these videos and if you won’t believe it!
    Then again, y’all probably will because the Rothchilds own the power company and most of them across the country. This is getting really weird and scary too.
    There’s plenty more on U-TUBE saying the same thing!

    • Donna,,,agreed,,that is exactly what it is,,,genocide and torture,,,.JMO,,,this is #11,,,of thee worse human atrocities done by psychiatrist,ie Kolodny combined w/politics for money,in the history of mankind.
      .Our deaths,,,for now,,to these entitled people,,the rich,,,to them its a good thing,,for they truly believe their better then,,essentially they are bigots,prejudial KKK members type,,,that think they have the right to torture to death,te medically ill,,Hitler types,,,,,,It is the holacaust all over again…
      ..As far as finding attorneys,,it maybe only a international Human Rights Watch will be thee only ones who will take a lawsuit on,,,
      For right now,,in America,,the holocaust,genocide and torturering the medicaly ill to death is acceptable….maryw

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