Should we be getting ready for a surge in suicides ?

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Oregon along with 5-6 other states has a “death with dignity ” law. it is claimed that another 30 states will have similar bills on their legislative agenda over the next year.

Changes in our social morals seem to be driven by MONEY… generally gambling was illegal, until the bureaucrats “did the math” and figured out the revenue stream attached to the Lottery and Casinos – now many states are licensing all sorts of gambling activities.

We are seeing the same “realization” by bureaucrats as to the tax revenue that can be generated by Marijuana and we now have some 30 states that have legalized it .. in some form or another and it is probably just a matter of time before at the federal level it will no longer be a C-I – illegal substance – after some 100 years of claiming that this substance has no valid use.

Over the years, I have worked with several non-profits and the brighter ones understand in the non-profit arena that it much easier to save money than beg/raise money.

For the first 140 years or so, the United States did not have a income tax, but a income tax was initiated to replace the tax revenue that was going to be lost by the 18th Amendment that make alcohol ILLEGAL.. that initial income tax was just 1% -2 % and it mostly hit those people who were considered “rich” at that time. 14 yrs later the 21st Amendment repealed the 18th Amendment, alcohol was once again legal and alcohol tax money starting flowing again.. but.. the Federal income tax … did not go away.

Is the bureaucracies finally “seeing the light” that it is going to be easier to cut expenses than to raise money and with us spending abt $10,000/person in healthcare taxes and much more on those who are handicapped/disabled, elderly.

Is Oregon the FIRST STATE to establish a processes that will make an increasing number of its residents to “qualify” for the parameters of utilizing the state’s death with dignity law ?   The state is not DIRECTLY forcing them to exercise their choice to utilize the “final act” to eliminate their pain ?  It is the choice of the pt and their prescribers as to what the pt wishes to do ?

I am not encouraging suicides… but.. already we have 50,000 suicides and ONE MILLION attempts every year.  As that number start climbing… as many of us believe that it will.. it may be time for those people who believe that suicide is their only option from unrelenting pain from intractable chronic pain to do some planning… It has been reported that many times a suicide note inexplicably disappears either by the family that is embarrassed that their family member has did this and/or some other person(s) would prefer that the death be labeled as a “opiate related death” to better serve their agenda.

Should a video by the “desperate person” be made… blaming/accusing those who have put them into the position that causes them to take this action.  Could they be charged with assisting suicide ?  Could an “agreement/understanding” be made by compassionate friends/relatives that the video could be sent to them and it would be understood that it would be “shared far and wide”.  Should those complicit in carrying out the actions of the bureaucracy be held accountable ?

Over the last decade, we have all seen the insidious actions of many bureaucracies and where they seem to be heading and it would appear that Oregon has stepped up the game plan and is seemingly taking very bold steps to take the “game’ to the end and declare VICTORY.

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  1. As a previous hospice worker, I personally supported Death with dignity laws and still do. However, its HORRIFYING to me that the confluence of all these evil forces ( CDC DEA addiction clinics,insurance companies, Pharma, PDMP, opiod abuse disorder garbage “training”, and PROP members profiting off Suboxone, as well as PM clinics torturing pateints) all joined up against us all. I honestly am horrified. At this point it seems to me the only way to shut all this down is to have nationwide mass non violent picketing, lockdowns in front of state houses and DEA offices, as well as demand an end to the DEA, PDMP and to DECRIMINILIZE all drugs and make opiate based meds OTC for over 18 pateints so these meds are avialable once again as htey were before the Harrison Act of 1914. watching Portugal over the past 20 years, after they decriminalized all drugs they now have the lowest drug addiction in the world. Enough is enough. Just ‘asking for our meds back” is not sufficient after the abuse, torture and suicides.

    • Prohibition has never worked and won’t now- the gross misinformation on Bupe and how incredibly strong it is(though it’s NOT for pain) is scary. I really wish people would wake up- distinguish the difference between the 85% ODs from Fentanyl or a mix being lumped in w/ the whole 4-5% from actual RX, where 1% is accidental. Naw it’s all the same now. If one for 2018 says more than 1% it’s a damn lie because no one is written enough now to even live, let alone get rid of any. It’s terrifying that even w/ proper medical info and never a black mark in 17yrs to now be told “you can’t have anything that will even let you be able to leave your house”.

  2. I think the Oregon folks behind their insane proposal, & all the other zealots across the country, will be just thrilled to see a huge increase in suicides among CPPs. And they’ll do anything possible to make it appear that those who can’t take it any more took themselves out because they were too severely addicted to live without their “fix.” The folks behind these policies are utterly without interest in facts, compassion, empathy, morals, or mercy. And I hope every single one of them develops incurable, agonizing conditions for which they can get no relief whatsoever.

  3. Please help those of us who have been put through a needless nightmare.
    We need the word to spread about what chronic pain patients are left to deal with in the aftermath of the very wrong CDC Guideline.
    Thank You

  4. You are right again Steve ! Zero morals.
    This is the most evil times of the modern world. Draconian isn’t even close enough to what we see happening to innocent people. Seems to me like out right MURDER. They don’t have any compassion for the pain and suffering of they’re fellow man/ woman. Whoops,..Got to be politically correct now. Zero morals. Isnt this is what they call Agenda 21?

  5. Oregon’s CPTF and the OHA? I assume Oregon Health Authority?
    does anyone know who is in charge of these 3 organizations and where they are located?
    I think it is time we (pain patients that are able and their family/friends) get together and confront these absolute inhumane individuals and demand they either rescind these policies or make massive corrections to them.
    I often wonder when it will come that so many people that these policies have put in a situation where the only pain relief is death , decide if they have to die why not take those responsible with them.??
    A person with nothing to lose is a dangerous person.

    I am serious though I would like to know how to contact these organizations along with the individuals responsible for pushing lies, fake data etc.

    • James; I’m assuming you don’t believe that we in Oregon have been sitting & watching these sadists charge ahead without trying to do anything about it. I & group of very hard working people have been “confronting” these bullheaded idiots constantly, for many, many months. We have pointed out repeatedly that they are ignoring all evidence (including their own), medical advice (including having doctors from all over the country speak at the hearings, to the extent they allow anyone to speak), they have gotten letters from all over the country & the world, we have protested & spoken & written & fought, & the task farce stoneheads have ignored every single word. They have an agenda & they’re going to put that agenda in place no matter what anyone says. They are supported by the guy in charge of the overall Oregon Health system (Patrick Allen), who is on record as saying their insane proposal is actually too mild. (one of his stories: Our best advocates have had personal audiences with governor Kate Brown, who appointed Allen & many of these loons.

      We’ve also contacted every civil rights attorney & organization here in Oregon & across the country. Their answers have been, across the board, via phone, snail mail, email, & in person, “we do not choose to get involved with this issue at this time.”

      Not to sound cranky, but I’d just love to hear what methods you recommend, since all our methods have been for naught. What do you suggest that will magically get through to these zealots? Because they ARE zealots who behave exactly like fundamentalist extremists whose religion is the Church of Anti-Opioids; mere facts cannot alter or shake their beliefs, they absolutely refuse to hear any alternative viewpoint, and they are so convinced that theirs is The One True Path that they have no problem at all converting people to their faith by force. They also have no problem at all if those who refuse to be converted kill themselves due to unrelieved, unbearable pain; that just saves the state money (which is the main point of this exercise). It also “proves” (in what passes for their minds) that the person who suicided was so severe an addict that they chose to die rather than live without their “fix.” So please, do tell me how we incompetent Oregonians can get through to these people, or around them, or whatever.

      • This is the most demoralizing dilemma in my 70 years on this planet. We wouldn’t treat an animal in this inhumane manner. And the lawyers won’t get involved. None of the people who are put in place to protect us will get involved. Why? Why ? I am thoroughly disgusted. I hope everyone who supports getting rid of opioids dies screaming in excruciating pain. And I mean that wholeheartedly.

        • I’m at that crossroads-
          I won’t lie say I’m an addict to get Bupe which is ALL they let you have- real safe stuff only 100xs that of morphine yet 16mg or 1500-2000 equivalent of morphine is ok? No one knows long term affects, just like these drs dealing out neurontin, Lyrica and Cymbalta which all kill yer brain cells THEN the kicker- stop them from repairing or reproducing/regenerating. They are NOT for pain!! They’ll kill us as quick as possible it’s all population control yet I GUARANTEE the “suits” in DC all take Adderall and Oxy. God help this country

        • me too, absolutely. I used to think of myself as a very compassionate person, but since compassion is now seen as a very bad character defect, I hope they rot in unbearable, untreated pain too.

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