What the hell is wrong with wanting to feel PAIN FREE ?

We are suppose to live in a country where our Founding Fathers guaranteed us life… LIBERTY.. and PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS…  Who believes that our Founding Fathers perceived that the bureaucracy that they were creating would be controlled by fellow citizens who would be defining just what our individual  “liberty” and “happiness” entailed ?

Our Founding Fathers also gave us the First Amendment that included “freedom of speech” but they did not guarantee that there would not be some sort of consequences for utilizing your rights under the First Amendment.

Pain is a subjective feeling.. it can be either mental or physical or a combination of the two.

Hunger is a feeling… but … does anyone have the right to tell anyone that they must feel a certain degree of hunger or specific hours during the day ?

If you feel hungry outside of normal meal times.. you experience “break thru hunger” and you resolve it with a SNACK –

Thirst is a feeling … but…  does anyone have the right to tell anyone that they must feel a certain degree of being thirsty for specific number of hours during the day ?

If you feel thirsty anytime … you experience “break thru thirst” and you resolve it with getting something to drink

Fatigue/sleepiness  is a feeling … but…. does anyone have the right to tell you that you can only have a certain number of hours of sleep each day/night ?

If you feel tired outside what is considered the normal sleep period  – you experience “break thru fatigue” and if possible, you address it by taking a NAP

We humans have a whole range of feelings/emotions … depression, anxiety, anger, love and on and on … and there is no way to effectively MEASURE the intensity of all of our potential feelings/emotions

There is a lot of talk about getting a new non-addicting pain med… and we have a bunch of non-addicting pain meds… admittedly they may only work for mild-moderate pain… they are collectively referred to as NSAID’s and Acetaminophen and for someone dealing with chronic pain… many people are taking them regularly… some above the recommended dose and everyone is at risk of them causing kidney or liver damage and/or causing a GI bleed… and it is claimed that 15,000 people die from their use of NSAID’s

CMS is suppose to financially “ding” prescribers and pharmacies if they have pts that are not compliant with their medications to treat diabetes, high blood pressure and  cholesterol meds and at the same time they are imposing limits on pain management meds .

It is well documented that under/untreated pain can have adverse complications to comorbidity issues the pt may have, but this valid health data is being ignored by CMS and other Federal agencies as they try to manage the theoretical  opiate crisis.  So… since under/untreated pain can cause Type II diabetes and high blood pressure ..but the last thing that healthcare professionals want to do is to start giving pts additional medications to treat the side effects of treating – or not treating – a pt.  So… CMS is most likely imposing new health issues and their related hospital/doctor/medication costs on to pts – via copays – and our healthcare system… and we wonder why healthcare costs are going up ?

The BOTTOM LINE is we are dealing with a compliance issue with prescribed medication…  If a prescriber tells the pt to take #x doses a day and they take more than what is prescribed… the pt is non-complaint… then either the prescriber has under estimated the number of doses that will get the pt’s pain down to a tolerant level or the pt has some substance abuse mental health issues. Either way, the pt has poor outcomes..

On the other hand if the pt takes less medication than what was prescribed… the pt is non-compliant and if the pt is on Medicare or Medicaid and treating a specific diseases, then CMS is concerned about the bad outcomes for the pt.  The pt may not be taking what is prescribed because of side effects,the cost or some other reason. Again, the pt has poor outcomes.

While the previous and current Surgeon General and the new head of the CDC has stated that substance abuse/addiction is a mental health issue. Shouldn’t we – as a society – be concerned about treating people with mental health diseases or continue to function under the decision of our judicial system in 1917 that opiate addiction is a CRIME and not a DISEASE and throw those into jail/prison for having a mental health issues and all they are trying to do is self-medicate the demons in their head and/or monkey on their back.

What person doesn’t want to feel healthy/normal ? Why are some diseases perceived as not worth treating ? Why are some deaths socially acceptable and others demand action so that no one else dies like that again ?





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  1. I’ve been saying the same thing for months on here. I said these things to my own Dr. She called me all kinds of inappropriate adjectives when she refused to listen to me and fired me as a patient, coincidently on the same day I saw a new Dr who proclaimed her an idiot for not treating me properly.

  2. TUESDAY, EVERYONE CALL, CALL, CALL! Phone-a-thon the White House http://www.pharmaciststeve.com/?p=27849

  3. AMEN,,,,MR.AREINS,, AMEN,,,, its like normal human nature was never ever conscider’d w//these idiots..and their ,”group think,”.
    JMO,, ,”they” the adolf kolodny type,,are literally asking all normal human beings in physical pain from a MEDICAL condition to force themselves to act ab-normal,like a masques,,,one who enjoys hurting themselves to inflict physical pain upon 1ns self…THATS CRAZY,, Asking a perfectly normal person to harm their bodies to forcible endure physical pain,when it has been proven for the last 1-15 years,,that a medicine will lessen their physical pain,,,Its warped,,like A.K. mind,,,obvioiusly very warped..They are asking normal people,, acting normally as basic human nature clearly dictates that ANY normal person would want physical pain upon their own bodies,lessen’d or stopped.THATS NORMAL HUMAN BEHAVIOR TO WANT PHYSICAL PAIN STOPPED,,,DAHHH!!!Again exhibiting just how perverted these kolodny types are..by not even conscidering NORMAL human nature as part of this discussion,,dah!!!
    Ill repeat it again for those who’s perverted minds drank kolodny koolaid..It is perfectly NORMAL human nature to want physical pain upon ones own body lesssen’d or stopped..It is perfectly normal human nature to find any means to stop said physical pain.Howevever what Dr.Government has done,,again,,for the 10th time actual in the existence of America,,colluded w/psychiatry,,ie,,A.K. to try and force normal human beings,displaying and reacting w/perfectly normal behaviours,ie,stopping their physical pain,,their asking us to behave AB-NORMAL,, by forcing us to endure physical pain,,ie,,torture ourselves,,when their is medicine that will effectively lessen or stop physical pain EFFECTIVELLY,Furthermoore when were reacting and responding as any normal person in physical pain would behave because of normal human nature,,they are now locking us up,,,for behaving perfectly NORMAL.
    U know,,we all see Dr.Government quoting this false data,,and that false machine concocted data as their proof of tis pseudo epidemic,,,I believe it was Einstein that states,”When human being use machines to do their thinking,,,WE HAVE RAISED A BUNCH OF IDIOTS,,”!!…

  4. With all that being said, then why the hell can’t we get a lawyer to take on this case? It seems so simple. Yet, nobody wants to tackle it. What I wouldn’t give to have seen the future and have become an attorney, mainly a malpractice. I would have given so much of my time for free to push these doctors, DEA and CDC along with everyone else into the ground.

    • Mr..JB,,,as u already know,,100’s if not 1,000’s have tried to get lawyers..I was told by 3 attorneys,,,1 of them also a Doc,,,on AVVO site,,,,I was told,”Don’t u know we are in the middle of a opiates crisis and that all cpp’s are just collateral damage,”
      Contact’d a big class action firm,,,turn out they were representing the other side against pharma,,Contact aclu 3 times,,,all 3 times denied,,What we found out there was all politician can/have donated to the aclu in their private names,,essentially buying off the aclu,,Now thee only organization willing to agree, set-forth establish treaties deeming what their doing to us illegal,torture abuse of power etc are the Human Rights Organizarions..The U.N stated over 2 years ago,,violation #16[?] of their treaty w/the USA,,THAT DENIAL OF EFFECTIVE MEDICAL TREATMENT IS TORTURE,,THUS HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION,,they stated and still adhere to this forever,,,However,,the USA refuse to even show up to the U.N to discuss the matter,,knowing full well we sent in a formal complaint against America for inhumane care,torture,violation of human rights treaties,,,thus the U.N sent over ,”researchers,” to confirm our complaint,,,which it was confirmed…Human Rights Watch is also formally filing a letter of misconduct against America for violation of human rights,torture against us..Long story short,,,our lawyers for now,,see more $$$$$$ fighting for the inhumane torturers sides rite now..Some lawyers are fearful they will be charged themselves w/contributing to the fake opiate crisis,,,,Despite all this,,we keep searching for some one to represent us,,,thats what I know to answer your ,”why???maryw

      • I also cannot wrap my head around not being able to find any attorney to take on this issue. I just spoke with one a few days ago and was told, that’s not what I do. Or, I only take slam dunks…..

        There is someone out there, we just haven’t found them yet. I feel the devastation has to get even worse, and the bodies have to start piling up even more before someone finally realizes what a shameful, deploarable situation this has become.

        • Oh,,,there a some,,,who have not quit looking,,and believe me,,,,,when we find one or organization to help us,,,,we let everyone know who wants to sign on to the lawsuit,,,maryw

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