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  1. Dear Lisa,
    I’m a fellow believer, and God led me to a doctor in a little tiny town (when we moved 13 years ago), who has continued my oipioid medication and even increased my dose a LOT recently! He continues to have sympathy, compassion and mercy for all of his pain patients even if it means losing his license.

    I always ask God to protect him from all of satan’s attacks, and it’s only by the Grace of God that He is providing my medications! I have seen Him work, moment by moment, even in my insurance battles of being denied my medications and then approved, all in time without me going a day without them! Even when my pharmacy did not have them in stock. Truly miraculous! I practice His Presence every day and He rewards my seeking Him.

    I grieve so much for the people who can’t endure (I know I couldn’t if I didn’t have my pain meds) and keep them and this satanic war in prayer always. Red Lawhern sent great news about the AMA’s new 3 resolutions against the CDC Guidelines, so I know God is working and things will start to change (unfortunately not in time for so many of us). Don’t lose hope!

  2. suicide moves along its merry satanic way….never seems to make mainstream news.As a Christian in intolerable suffering,I continue to be astonished at how opiods are the devil’s minions,while ANYONE can go buy a fully loaded assault rifle.I believe in the right to bear arms,but this is insane!EVERY 5 HOURS THERE IS A MASS SHOOTING RAMPAGE!!!!How can medicine used properly qualify as an ‘epidemic’while blood splatters in every American street?Who needs muzzies?We are doing a fine job without islam!!Pam Bondi,you are sueing the wrong ones.She makes me ashamed to be female…Dear Pat Robertson,I love you,but after you blasted ALL of us on the 700 Club,I withdrew my tithes from you and sent it to St.Judes and Mercy Ships!Sorry,but you put yer foot in yer mouth on that subject!Pain sufferers,remember-the fervent prayers of the righteous people avails a lot!!!DONT GIVE UP!!!Lisa Alligood

    • Andrew, what did Robertson say? Its very difficult to envision a man like him say. Its so sad when people who have absolutely no concept of chronic pain put their two cents in. They have no understanding of our suffering.

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