Ray left us this morning. He decided he couldn’t live with the Pain anymore

Ray left us this morning. He decided he couldn’t live with the Pain anymore after being dropped from Morph ER 15mg and reduced to 4 2mg dilaudid a day. This was post surgery and also Cancer Pain. I think he got dropped through the Medical Cracks. I went in for surgery and my Dr. had no idea that I was on Pain meds until I complained the day after surgery.
The suicide rate in the United States continues to climb, with nearly 45,000 people taking their own lives in 2016, according to a new Vital Signs report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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  1. Gastric bypass surgery affects the way medications are absorbed. That is why patches are preferred. The medication enters the body differently.

  2. Sad …. We don’t ask to have pain infact all we want is for the pain to go away. All I wanted was my beautiful baby. But that epidural changed my life and not only wasn’t I able to care for my daughter I wanted to just die because of the pain. I hang on because I don’t want her to feel responsible for my death. She deserves to be happy and live a happy life. But I think it would kill her if she felt like it was her fault.
    So I live but Heavenly Father I suffer and I don’t know how much longer I can live like this. On meds they shovel me around and bully me be I won’t let another needle near my back. My prayers are for my daughter that I can hang on so that she can live. She watches and feel she’s the blame but for her I would do it again. She’s a special child and for her I am blessed.

  3. Everyone needs to verify their doctors and surgeons are certified in their field. Do not go by what someone says. Certification can be verified for free at the link below.

    It is also a good idea to check your local courthouse for malpractice suits. Check for them against doctors, hospitals, etc. It takes time. Especially if you have to go to the courthouse in person. But it could be helpful. Just remember medical mistakes rarely rise to the level of medical malpractice.

    Some state medical boards have Disciplinary Actions taken against doctors listed on their website. Check your state medical board’s website.


  4. I’m sadden by this news, how many more

  5. Why is anyone arguing here? The point is that this has become OUR (all of us) new normal. We are being discriminated against and put into the ‘criminal’ category. We all need to come together and rally. We need to be SEEN. the CDC has hopes that we keep our mouths shut. They are still FAILING on the ‘war on drugs”..BUT this ‘opiate crisis’ is giving them the empty validity that they want. They picked us because they KNEW. They knew it would be hard for us to stand up to anyone. The longer we stay quiet, the more they look right.

  6. This is really terrifying and there appears to be a pattern. I have had 2 back surgeries, lumbar l-5 Lemi Laminectomy and the surgeon took the disc out. he “forgot” to write that down. It took 16 years to fuse. Then in 08 C-spine implant. I woke up on the table, they denied it, and left me alone in recovery for hours, in agony. The hospital lawyers threatened me, and they redacted my medical record.

    What if they are using this so called opiate epidemic, to deny their mistakes? They are obviously blaming people with pain for America’s epidemic of despair. This has been going on for years, and yet they still have not got a handle on it. They have been misleading us on “treating” the addicted too.

    We really don;t have any laws to protect us, and it is as if they are killing us off. I know people who had rods put in their spines, and now they have to get them removed, They sold this stuff, and we thought there was science or evidence behind it. It has all been a lie. They lied about the outcomes and continue to. I know people who are already dead, some drank themselves to death, due to the pain. They have manged to make a profit on every part of this from the pharmaceuticals, and the pharmaceuticals they marketed to replace opiates.

    The pain psychologists are making a lot of money, they re-framed pain, now it is something easy to ignore, Whether it is patients or the children suffering in this country, pain is now deniable. They spread misinformation on the Internet and in our Media.

    We are in post fact America now, as long as there is a profit, from pain they will continue to lie and misinform the public.

    • There is a movie on Nexflex on how medical devices are approved. One problem is they review the first type of a device very well but if a device is like another but maybe from different componates ect then they only need one short term human study. In the film it show a Ortho doctor who had a hip replacement and got poison from the metal. He said if a patient came up with all the stuff that happen he would be question the sanity of the person. Lets put it this way sometime it needs to happen to you to understand that people usually know something is wrong even if the doctor cannot find it.

    • 1st and foremost,,,may ,”Ray,” R,I.P.
      Ms.Johnson,,,,their are many many laws on the books to protect us,,,and they are being allowed to break everyone of them!!Example,,a good man who served this country,,took his denial of MEDICINE to court,got enfront of the judge,,claiming thee 8th amendment,,cruel and unusual,,u know,,The judge rules ,nope,,,doesn’t think this denial of medicine to treat our pain is a violation of the 8th,,,YES IT IS!!!!! but the government is getting away w/all of this via abuse of power,,,and the big one,,,u hit the nail on its head $$$$$$$$$,,,,u r exactly correct Ms.Johnson,,,,its the money,,,,that is the core to torture/genocide,,,maryw

  7. I wonder how many of us have to kill ourselves before someone, anyone will listen. What did it say 40000 people died from suicide? That’s more than the CDC’s inflated, miscounted statistics for OD’s. If you try to take one drug away addicts will just move on to another one. This time the took our medicine. Left us in pain and wonder why we choose to die instead on suffer. How long do you have to lose before you change tactics? How can they expect to help addicts when they keep treating them like trash? They are addicted they need help not shame. I admit it makes me angry that pain patients are paying the price for something we has no control over. Doing more of the same makes me angrier. Politicians we have a vote too! We will vote you out if you continue to torture us!

  8. Horror story after Horror story… I have Lower Lumbar in Nov. My Last Surgery was a Night Mare. I was in so much Pain i wanted to scream. 60 oxycodone. every 4 hours didn’t even cut it.. it was horrible. This next one. also scares me.. I never want to experience that again.

  9. Population control at its finest. Goal here is to kill off the sick , old and week people. We fall in the category. Congratulations to us.

    • The problem is people believe this BS. It has NOTHING to do with population control. It is about misinformed regulators who are being mislead into the cause of the opioid issue (illegal usage and not legal prescriptions).

      When people spout this BS, the people that we want to educate think “these people are a bunch of looney birds”

    • You are so correct

  10. This gentleman was given more pain meds with the dilaudid as 2 mg = 8 mg of morphine. He was taking before 15 mg of morphine but 4-2 mg pills equal 32 mg of morphine.

    • No one should judge what meds a person gets and how well they work on that person. Not until you can jump into their body and experience what they experience. Morphine doesn’t work the same on everyone. Doesn’t for me, doesn’t for my daughter either. Each person may metabolize meds differently than others. Judging someone and how you think they should do shows nothing but ignorance and in some cases, even contempt.

      • The point is he said his medication was lowered, when in fact it was increased.

        Also, why is it not the patients responsibility to let the doctor know what medication he is on?

        “I went in for surgery and my Dr. had no idea that I was on Pain meds until I complained the day after surgery.”

        • Joe, his medication was not increased. He had been taking extended-release morphine along with instant-release dilaudid for breakthrough pain. His ER morphine was cut cold-turkey and his IR dilaudid was reduced in half. ER medication works a little differently than IR.

          “after being dropped from Morph ER 15mg and reduced to 4 2mg dilaudid a day.”

        • “Also, why is it not the patients responsibility to let the doctor know what medication he is on?”

          Probably a good idea. However, when insurance is involved, the patient normally has to have a referral from their family doctor or specialist. The surgeon normally needs their new patient’s medical records, which include the medication the patient is currently taking.

          • Even in a emergency they always ask the patient about medication if the person is able to respond. It is usually what someone say first thing. the problem is that doctor do not understand opiates and they think they give you more then what you take (even after surgery) that they do not want to give you more because they do not want to OD. What doctors do not realize that most people who take opiate long term and are not on other seditive type drugs or alcohol that you could give them double the dose they are on and they will be fine. In fact I am 180mme a day and I am about to have implants put in my mouth. Well I cannot take NSAID’s and she was so worry about giving 5mg Narcos (whole 12 of them). I am not even sure I will fill the script it is such a low dose for me. Now if I take 6 at a time it might work. I understand being cautious but that is crazy.

      • So true Ray, people are not ask the same Eskreis with pain meds

    • Everyone reacts different to various pain medications. The equal isn’t equal when the medication does not work for you. I know someone who does well on morphine but goes bonkers and does not feel pain relief on dilaudid.

    • He had been taking extended-release morphine with instant-release dilaudid for breakthrough pain. His ER morphine was cut cold-turkey and his IR dilaudid was reduced in half. ER medication works a little differently than IR.

      “after being dropped from Morph ER 15mg and reduced to 4 2mg dilaudid a day.”

    • He was cut from his meds cold turkey. He was not switched nor reduced.

  11. I had surgery on 9/19/18. This year. The surgeon thought it would be fine and dandy to leave me on what I was previously on for every day pain with no increase whatsoever. I repeatedly informed her that what I was taking at home wouldn’t/couldn’t handle post op pain. She did not care. I ended up checking myself out AMA as soon as the nurse informed me that I would be getting NOTHING post op via IV. It sure is a sad, sorry state of affairs we have out here, huh??

    -Abandoned CPP

    • Teri, you left the hospital because they would not give you IV pain medication? Would they give you pain medication by mouth ? Did you talk to the doctor directly? Was it a nurse that told you no IV pain medication? If they will give pain medication by mouth. You had no reason to leave. You might want to get a copy of your hospital medical records.

      • It’s not always enough to ask the whole team. Many hospitals are using IV Tylenol – somd have complete shortages. Some are refusing to give pain medicine and calls from your pain doc & internist still gets you nowhere. Pain control needs to be arranged in advance, or not expected…unless emergency!

    • My husband was given no extra meds after his 3rd spine surgery ,it was brutal .the pain was torture .it was evil .his surgery failed with multiple complications ,he returned to hospital for 3 weeks and they upped his meds .suegeries fail without pain releif.

  12. I recently moved. The new state I live in is awful. I can’t get any of my controlled meds prescribed. I have been on these meds for years, same doses. I moved here to be near family to get back surgery and have help. I’m now scared to get surgery here. It is pretty hopeless. They have set my medical care back years.

    • Kay, did you get a copy of your medical records from your previous doctor that prescribed your pain meds ? It is common for doctors to not believe patients. Can’t blame for that. Each doctor has their own way of prescribing. A new doctor is under no obligation to prescribe the,same medications a,previous doctor did. Pain doctors usually start out with the lowest, mildest med and go from there. If a,patient really needs the pain meds to function. It is best to go along with the doctor. At least the patient has a chance of having their pain managed in a,few months.

      • Yes, my record and CD with MRI was given.The first four pain specialists I called here required that before making appointments. The 4th clinic I finally managed to get an appointment. The first 3 are pain docs who don’t write prescriptions. I have had fibro for years. I have had severe pinched nerve slipped disc pain for 2 yrs. Shots no longer work and ablation didn’t work. The new dr did only write one pain med. I was supposed to go to a wedding with my kids this weekend and I had to cancel because I lacked adequate pain control. I’ve been trying to fix up my new house and unpack. It has been difficult without help and adequate pain relief. My first doc appointment here was all about pill usage and wanting me to get more shots. My record was skimmed. They were upset I wasn’t in the state’s drug reporting system. I never filled anything here. My new family doc writes zero controlled meds. I have also been unable to find a psychiatrist to write my medications my previous primary doctor did. Ohio has set back my medical care years. I have lived in four different states while dealing with chronic pain, new doctors every time. This place is the worst.

        • Kay, a doctors office cannot tell you what a doctor will and will not prescribe. The doctor decides what each patient needs. If you are trying to find doctors that will prescribe what you want, especially in the beginning. It is doubtful you will find a doctor. This applies to pain management, psychiatrists, PCP, etc.

          I assume you also have copies of your medical records from your previous psychiatrist, PCP, etc.

          • You should inform the doctor offices this here. 🙂 I think they get around it by simply saying they refuse to write prescriptions for all controlled substances or write none. The Ohio Pharmacy Board has created some convoluted reporting rules and fees for doctors who write prescriptions for controlled substances.
            Not only are chronic pain people not getting adequate medicine. My aunt was only given ibprofen for after a knee replacement. My other aunt had to fight to get my cousin adequate pain relief while in the hospital and she had blood clots in her lungs.
            Ohio has one of the highest drug OD rates and a high suicide rate.
            It is not from legal prescriptions written in good faith Denying people pain care is not helping. I’m truly afraid to get back surgery here. :/
            At this point I’m just going to titrate off everything, hope I can at least deal with it while in bed and hibernate and Wait for my husband to retire and move here.. He is in the military.
            Probably watch my kids fail school because I don’t have the energy to nag them.
            I truly was at least mentally stable, and somewhat physically stable before this stupid move.
            My medicine needs are not that extreme. My morphine equivalent is between 20-30mg a day. After healing from a successful back surgery it would be less.

            • I should add the new pain doctor wanted to put me on stronger stuff, as in a fentynal patch. I got off that years ago. I don’t want to go that way again. She offered other stonger long acting pills, ones I have tried before, they don’t work well for me because I have had a gastric bypass. I don’t think asking a continuation of my same meds for at least one month with a statement from my previous doctor of 4 years was too much to ask.

              • They seem to prefer the patch, over other long-acting meds. One size does not fit all, but nobody really seems to care any longer

  13. Somebody, patients already on opiates should ask their surgeon what they prescribe post op inpatient. Also what they will prescribe when the patient is discharged. When the patient is already in pain management. They should ask their pain doctor the procedure for post op pain management when discharged. Most, if not all pain doctors have certain ways it is handled. Usually when the surgeon stops managing pain related to the surgery. The pain management doctor does pain management again. Some pain doctors have letters for the surgeon. Some talk to the surgeon directly. Some let the patient handle it.

    It is a good idea to discuss what the surgeon prescribed for pain before surgery is scheduled. Maybe on the first visit. If the surgeon is not open to managing post op pain and telling the patient which meds they prescribe. Finding another surgeon is a,good idea.

    • Hope, yes, it should be this way (speaking to the surgeon about pain control after an operation), however, when a patient asks their surgeon what they will be prescribed post-op for pain relief, it’s very common that they will then be flagged as a “drug-seeker.”

  14. RIP Ray. 🙁

  15. Patients need to tell their surgeons in the office and before surgery the,medications and supplements they are taking. They also need to tell the anesthesiologist directly all the medications and supplemental they are taking. Never depend on them remembering. Never depend on someone else, ie nurse, doctor, etc telling them.

    • Even telling them – several times over – and them saying they will treat your post op pain doesn’t mean they’ll give you stronger meds at all, if they give you “something” then some think that’s fine and dandy. I know that first hand, because it happened to me this year with hip replacement. Seems to me, the only way is to have them write before surgery. After they’ve sliced and diced, you’re at their mercy. Surgeons should have been the first doctors to fight for adequate pain relief but too many are bailing ship and leaving post op patients to suffer.

      • Folks just a couple notes, someone mentioned this person was getting more pain meds than before but we don’t know how many morphine Tabs he was rx’d and also sounds like he had cancer and a recent surgery and MAINLY he committed suicide because he couldn’t handle the PAIN, a person died who didn’t have to! That’s what matters here!

        Next I’m a CPP for 15 yrs, I had my 12th back surgery last week. I worked with my pain dr on post op pain meds and asked my surgeon if I would receive additional meds in hospital which he said yes and wrote orders, when I woke up the nurse told me the hospital pharmacist said I couldn’t have the neurosurgeon Rx pain meds, I went 16 hours before a different nurse decided to give them to me, all because I have a pain pump, which does NOT treat acute pain. The hospital pharmacist stopped my post op pain meds!

        Just get your ducks in a row

        RIP CPP

      • That isn’t the point here. They said “I went in for surgery and my Dr. had no idea that I was on Pain meds until I complained the day after surgery.”

        That is on the patient. How is the doctor to know what medications you are on if you don’t tell them.

        • You don’t know that’s what happened. I worked in healthcare for 15 years, I’ve been a chronic pain patient for 7 years & I have had 8 surgeries. If I had a penny for every doctor who didn’t look at a chart, I’d be rich. I had a gastroenterologist do an endoscopy on me & when I woke up, the nurse said “The doctor said to put you on Omeprazole.” I was already on Omeprazole. He was the one prescribing it to me. Patients are usually more on the ball when it comes to their health history than doctors are. His doctor probably had no idea he was on pain meds because he didn’t bother to do any legwork on who he was actually operating on. They do surgery after surgery & the patients are like cattle. The gynecologist who did my hysterectomy took my cervix too by mistake because he “didn’t write it down” that he was supposed to leave it. If I wasn’t so sick I would have sued. So don’t assume the patient was at fault here.

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