Nearly 500,000 people signed a petition to get LAST MAN STANDING back on the air

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Nearly 500,000 people signed a petition to get the ABC cancelled show LAST MAN STANDING brought back after it was cancelled.

FOX has picked up the show returning this fall season…

I find it interesting that when there is a petition for something being done AGAINST – and can harm – the chronic pain community… MAYBE a couple of thousand will sign it.

I guess that getting a TV show’s cancellation reversed is more important.. since that 500,000 signatures is about 8%-10% of the typical number of viewers that watch the show in its last year on ABC than the chronic pain community standing up for themselves.

I have had chronic painers state that they don’t want to put their pain management at risk by taking a stand…  here is a NEWS FLASH !! you can’t keep your head low enough to avoid being noticed as a chronic painer !



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  1. AMEN!!! I am your Huckleberry!!!

  2. Hope I’m not replying twice.
    Dear chronic painers,
    Your pain management couldn’t be in more risk than it is right now. Hiding your head under the covers won’t make this monster go away. You can get involved and fight with us, or watch us all go down with the ship. So get up, speak up, and start rowing!

  3. And another thing. When the patient hears their own doctor speak of the fear of an even mightier authority that lords over them – lest they would be more sympathetic toward you their patient, then just how effective are you, a “drug seeking person”, going to be?
    Maybe this is another reason for apathetic involvement on part of cpp?
    The doctors do have a good deal more power than we do so we should think about getting them motivated to stand up for their profession and the oath that they agreed to. I don’t have any suggestions on this yet but I do know that most are working for the insurance companies after a fashion and perhaps that is where we should be directing our efforts. Even the DEA and the FDA and the CDC all apparently in the end also work for the insurance industry. It’s all gotten too big and powerful.
    Maybe its destruction and replacement with a social medicine system May ultimately be the answer. Yes this is worth thinking about if only for that reason it would not matter if you believed in socialized medicine at all the net effect of Bringing Down the established Insurance power probably is at the root of all of it.

  4. I agree Steve. I read your preamble of our fellow pain patient suicides and think that these were God’s children who were virtually marched to their death by modern day like minded equivalents of the Gestapo type personality. I sometimes wish that our departed kin would have in turn,
    summarily taken out our enemies. I almost wish a Don Corleone type of advocate would just quietly work in the background on our plight. Many lives would be SAVED. These thoughts are natural to an oppressed human being. As far as the letter and phone campaign, I am doing it but all along wondering why I am having to scrabble beneath the committee of fools for what I consider is a medicine given by my Creator. Well, perhaps folks aren’t getting involved, as you indicate, because they feel similar and are saving up for a louder response? I never could understand why so many seemingly boarded the train without a fight. It can happen again. Your comment initiates these thoughts. I don’t think I’m too far out there.

  5. I agree Steve! I sign every petition I can get my hands on! Pain Community what is wrong with you??????? I constantly pray for God to raise up a pain movement greater than me too, but the Bible states “cowards won’t enter the kingdom of heaven!” IS THAT WHAT WE ARE— A BUNCH OF COWARDS????

  6. It is so frustrating I I myself get so … angry how people are passive and not engaged when stuff MATTERS ! Be in the world just not of the world !

  7. You are absolutely right! If it’s not a problem now, it will be eventually. No one is immune to the war on prescription opiates. It’s all low hanging fruit. The government and all of the alphabet soup groups want to make it look like they are doing something. And, since they clearly can’t get a handle on the illicit fentanyl and heroin, they are going after us! It’s so sad! I simply don’t understand why other people can’t see this! And, if you are afraid, ask your doctor about how they feel about it. I was once afraid until after I spoke to my doctor about it. She assured me that my opinion wouldn’t hurt my care. She pushes me to attend rallies and to try to get in front of the senate to put a face on the problem. If you don’t fight, who will fight for you?

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